Busta Rhymes vs. T.I.

On this episode of The Breaks” Hosts Confucius and Fresh discuss Busta Rhymes desire have a Verzuz battle with T.I. and T.I’s consistent refusal to do so. Plus  they discuss the upcoming Verzuz battle between T.I. and Jeezy. Both hosts point out that no one from the Austin City Limits Festival has reached out to…

Texas Standard: October 26, 2020

Coronavirus case numbers exploding in El Paso. We’ll look at how the city is trying to treat patients as hospitals reach capacity. Also, just over a week left to Election Day and it’s far from just the Presidential race on the ballot. We’ll highlight one sheriff’s race that’s heating up. Plus, transitioning from oil is…

Failure (Rebroadcast)

Failure is a word that carries a lot of baggage, arousing emotional responses that we’d usually rather avoid. But what about success? Why does the thought of success conjure images and feelings of comfort and satisfaction? This week,  Two Guys on Your Head‘s  Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke examine how the heights of success and…

Haile Thomas (Ep. 47, 2020)

This week on In Black America, producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. speaks with Haile Thomas, an international speaker, wellness and compassion activist, content creator and author of Living Lively. Ms. Thomas is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and founder/CEO of the non-profit HAPPY.

Texas Standard: October 23, 2020

News of the first FDA-approved COVID-19 treatment comes at a time when cases in Texas are starting to spike. We’ll explore the details and what’s next. And: Did you get a chance to watch the presidential debate last night? What are your thoughts? We’ll have a recap. Also: A new documentary about the life of…

KUT Weekend – October 23, 2020

Third-party groups put their voices and dollars to work ahead of a public transit referendum in Austin. Plus, a look at some of the competitive elections in Travis County. And the declining COVID-19 situation in nearby Waco. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend! Subscribe at http://weekend.kut.org

Being Kind To Yourself In COVID Times

Risk, isolation, and grief are experiences that have been amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic. Spending some time to recognize the small things, even if painful or negative, was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

Texas Standard: October 22, 2020

Across the Lone Star State, Texans expected to be tuning in tonight for political fireworks show, but what about policies? We’ll set the stage for a final debate. Plus, Texans looking for unemployment benefits will soon have to once again prove they’re looking for work, but what constitutes a work search in the eyes of…

Texas Standard: October 21, 2020

As Texas’s Governor takes steps to lift pandemic restrictions on businesses, worries grow for a Texas hotspot nearing critical levels, we’ll have details. Plus, 2020 has left tens of thousands in the oil and gas industry unemployed. Now many in the energy capitol of the world looking to Thursday nights debate and what the candidate…

The Queen’s Royal Welcome to Texas

By W. F. Strong and Lupita Strong February 2021 will mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 69th year on the British throne. In all of those years during which she witnessed some of the world’s most pivotal events, one can say — if one is a Texan — that we deserve an honorable mention amongst those events…

Texas Standard: October 20, 2020

Politicians often hope that political coattails can boost their chances, now it appears republicans are trying to cut them off as fast as possible. The story today on the Texas Standard. We’ll hear why John Cornyn is trying to distance himself from the White House and what may reveal about how the GOP sees its’…

The Venues

In this episode, you’ll hear from the owners two Austin venues. Brodie Elkins tells the story of Scratchouse which closed due to the pandemic. Then Maggie Lea and Tamara Hoover talk about how they’ve kept their venue, Cheer Up Charlies, afloat and explain what it’s been like to get ready to reopen. Listen on The…

WTF Ice Cube?!?

This week on The Breaks Hosts Confucius and Fresh discuss Ice Cube’s decision to work with the Trump campaign on the “Platinum Plan” for Black America Both hosts continue their discussion from the last episode about the lack of rap at this year’s virtual ACLfest. They state that even if no national hip-hop acts agreed…

Texas Standard: October 19, 2020

Millions of Texans turn out for week one of early voting in a state notorious for low turnout. A hint of a more fundamental change in Texas politics? That and more today on the Texas Standard. In this most unconventional election season the state to watch is Texas: so declares veteran political journalist Dan Balz…

Prepared for the Worst: Being a Musician During COVID-19

From finances to healthcare access, being a musician during a pandemic isn’t easy – even in the Live Music Capital of the World. In episode two of Pause//Play, the new podcast from KUT/KUTX Studios, Austin musicians Mobley and TEDDYTHELEGACY tell their stories of survival and creativity. Video by Julia Riehs

Dr. E. James West (Ep 46, 2020)

On this week’s In Black America, producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. discusses Ebony magazine’s political, social and historical influence and importance with Dr. E. James West, author of Ebony Magazine And Lerone Bennett, Jr.: Popular Black History In Postwar America.

KUT Weekend – October 16, 2020

Early voting starts and people flood the polls in record numbers. Plus, UT-Austin struggles to stop parties that could spread the coronavirus. And Mother’s Cafe, a 40-year-old vegetarian restaurant, closes permanently because of the pandemic. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend! Subscribe at https://weekend.kut.org

David Alvarez Retires

The stalwart engineer for Two Guys on Your Head, David Alvarez is throwing in the towel and turning his attention to the finer things in life. David has worked at KUT since 1982 and has been the engineer for Two Guys since our first recording back in 2013. In this edition of the show Dr. Art Markman, Dr….

Texas Standard: October 16, 2020

As Coronavirus cases tick upwards again in Texas, some schools are returning to laptops and tablets. But others are going the opposite direction. Coming up our conversations with the superintendents of two Texas school districts where back to school is the rule, despite concerns about an uptick in Coronavirus cases. We’ll hear the rationale. Also…

COVID Cabin Fever

The months of limited travel and social gatherings during the pandemic have meant more time at home and, for many, more time in the kitchen. That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.