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What’s Going On Inside the Adolescent Brain?

There are endless questions we could ask about how the brain works. A particularly interesting one: what’s unique about the brain during adolescence? During adolescence our brains are wired differently than adult brains will be – and for good reason. In adolescence our brains are in a process of development – so we’re less inhibited,…

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KUT Weekend – January 31, 2014

Solving the Texas energy crunch….judges consider Texas abortion rules….electronic dance promoter Learning Secrets celebrates 10 years. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!

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V&B: It Ain’t Braggin’ The Game Show

We kicked off the new year with a game show twist! KUT’s Ben Philpott and Texas Tribune’s Reeve Hamilton host contestants: Meredith Walker of Amy
Poehler’s Smart Girls and Kevin Russell of Shinyribs for an evening that will test your Texas savvy and tickle your funny bone!

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , with Angela Burt-Murray (Ep. 7, 2014)

A conversation with Angela Burt-Murray, talk show host, former editor-in-chief of Essence magazine, and co-founder and editorial director of Cocoa Media Group and lifestyle website

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Stéphane Grappelli (1.26.14)

Known as the grandfather of jazz violinists, Stéphane Grappelli expressed his cosmopolitan nature through his music. Grappelli performed in hundreds of sessions during the mid-Twentieth Century and produced dozens of albums.

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Debunking Myths Behind Different Learning Styles

Are you an auditory learner or a visual learner? If you answered “yes” you would be right. That’s because we use all our senses to learn and process information. In this edition of Two Guys On Your Head, Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke dispel the myths behind learning styles preferences: they don’t really…

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KUT Weekend – January 24, 2014

Angry North Texans protest earthquakes to oil and gas regulators….getting low income kids back in class….and where in the world is Texas Congressman Steve Stockman? Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!

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Breaking Color Lines with the late John Chase (Ep. 6, 2014)

An interview with the late John S. Chase, the first African American to enroll in the School of Architecture at the University of Texas, and the first licensed black architect in the state of Texas.

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Chick Corea (1.19.14)

Chick Corea’s a linchpin in connecting old jazz and new jazz, his compositions are the fusion of musical styles. He played in Miles Davis’ band in the 1960s and other great artists throughout his career as a jazz pianist which continues to this day.

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Marcus Roberts (1.12.14)

Blind contemporary pianist Marcus Roberts is often compared to many of the great past pianists. He’s a purveyor of jazz now, its innovation and that it’s a forward-looking art. But despite that, you hear the past, present and future in his work.

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KUT Weekend – January 17, 2014

Candidates for Texas governor rake in cash…..legalizing marijuana in Texas….drinking through Dripping Springs. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend.

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Discussion on Behavioral Economics–Kahneman and Tversky

As human beings, we are, in fact, creatures. Like any other living organism, energy conservation is of highest priority to our vibrant being, whether we are consciously aware of that fact and its influence over our behavior or not. So, how does that affect our decisions in life? In this edition of Two Guys on…

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Remembering the Late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Ep. 5, 2014)

A tribute to the late civil rights leader, featuring archival audio of his speeches and funeral, and remembrances from the Honorable Andrew Young and President Barack Obama.

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Does Money Really Make You Happy?

The idea that money doesn’t make you happy is easy to get behind if you have it, but if you don’t it can be a hard concept to buy into (pun intended). Yet the correlation between money and happiness is more complicated then one might think. In this edition of Two Guys on Your Head…

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KUT Weekend – January 10, 2014

Teen pregnancy in Dove Springs….helping seniors cope with depression…and can Texas save Sriracha sauce? Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!

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College and NBA Basketball, with T.J. Ford (Ep. 4, 2014)

Former UT and NBA basketball player looks back on a successful yet injury-ridden career in basketball, and his induction into the University of Texas Men’s Athletics Hall of Honor.

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James Moody (1.5.14)

Sax and flute player James Moody, along with Dizzy Gillespie, helped to revolutionize jazz in the mid-Twentieth Century. He showed that bebop was universal and not just insider music. Moody and his quartet demonstrated that discipline in art can be transformative to both the artist and the listener.

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Why We Crave Sugar

Why is it hard to have just one of those delicious slices of pound cake over the holidays? Well, it turns out it has less to do with the creamy butter and more to do with the way our brains react to those sweet white grains of sugar. In this edition of Two Guys on…

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KUT Weekend – January 3, 2014

Rash of earthquake frustrates North Texans near drilling sites…German heritage lingers in Central Texas…Flood victims start the new year rebuilding. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend! Subscribe at

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