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Texas Standard: August 17, 2015

The UT Austin statue of Jefferson Davis was supposed to move to a museum this weekend…Why that didn’t happen, and we talk with Davis’ great great grandson on today’s Texas Standard. A Texas man is sentenced- to marriage? Turns out some judges like to hand out strange punishments. Also, hacking into medical devices. And waiting…

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The Legacy of Bob Ray Sanders (Ep. 36, 2015)

A conversation with Bob Ray Sanders, retired Associate Editor and Senior Columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, about his four-decade career in journalism.

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KUT Weekend – August 14, 2015

Confederate statue removed from the University of Texas Mall…five myths about barbecue and former Longhorn hopes to become the oldest rookie in the NFL. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend! Subscribe here:

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First Day of School

Schools across Texas will be teeming with students and teachers soon. That was the inspiration for this week’s Typewriter Rodeo poem by Jodi Edgerton.

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Texas Standard: August 14, 2015

Three months after shootout that made world headlines what do new autopsies tell us about what really happened in Waco? Also, Not San Francisco, not Miami, not Houston- across the entire US, few places are as red hot for residential real estate as Plano, Texas. And this time, it doesn’t look like a bubble. We’ll…

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V&B: Molly Ivins

In this episode of Views & Brews, KUT’s Rebecca McInroy joins Ivins’ long-time friend and author of Stirring It Up with Molly Ivins, Ellen Sweets as well as Pullitzer-Prize winning political cartoonist Ben Sargent and Ivins’ personal assistant Betsy Moon  in a discussion on Molly’s approach to politics, her life, the significance of satire, and of course food.

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Texas Standard: August 13, 2015

How many police shootings since the start of the year? Though data is hard to come by, there may be a crowdsourced solution. Also, you’ve heard of flash floods…but what about flash droughts? That’s the term more and more climatologists are using to describe the state of Texas right now…we’ll have more. Also…is the heat…

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The Ticket: Why Does Iowa Get to Have All the Fun; Ep. 16

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The Value of Failure

Failure is a word that carries a lot of baggage, arousing emotional responses that we’d usually rather avoid. What about success? Why does the thought of success conjure images and feelings of comfort and satisfaction. This week, “Two Guys on Your Head” examine how the heights of success and the “training wheels” of failure impact…

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Texas Standard: August 12, 2015

An unarmed black teen shot by police. The officer who pulled the trigger -fired. But for the people of Arlington, is that enough? We’ll explore. After a deadly listeria outbreak, Blue Bell Trucks return to the streets: but what about the road to respectability? Also in prison, phone calls are expensive. Sometimes letters don’t get…

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Texas Standard: August 11, 2015

Before the first shot is ever fired…what justifies a police officer drawing a sidearm from the holster? The rules of engagement today on the Texas Standard. Plus – oops there it is: some grim developments at Camp Perry, as one of the Presidential candidates pulls the plug on paychecks…we’ll explore. Plus, a teacher shortage nationwide…a…

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Texas Standard: August 10, 2015

Another officer shooting, another unarmed black man- this time in North Texas. The case of Christian Taylor today on the Texas Standard. Also, the Obama Administration was ordered to shutdown Texas immigrant detention centers. But the justice department is asking to keep them open…we’ll hear the rationale. Plus, he may be trumping the rest of…

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Sports Leadership and Innovation, with Daron Roberts (Ep. 35, 2015)

A discussion of sports leadership and transition strategy with Daron Roberts, former NFL coach, university lecturer and founding director of the Center for Sports Leadership & Innovation at the University of Texas.

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KUT Weekend – August 7, 2015

Children of color disproportionately die from drowning….latest ranking of Austin public schools…and a review of a new European restaurant downtown. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend! Subscribe at

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Tax Free Weekend

It’s already time to start buying school supplies – good thing Tax Free Weekend is coming up. That was the inspiration for this week’s Typewriter Rodeo poem by Karie Anne Roy.

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Texas Standard: August 7, 2015

The media circus has moved on…but family members have not. A conversation with Sandra Bland’s sister today on the Texas Standard. The numbers on incarcerated African American Women don’t add up…we’ll talk about what one Texas newspaper editor calls the New Jane Crow. 5 million dollars: the reward the US is offering for the capture…

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The Ticket: Our Take on the 1st GOP Debate; Ep. 15, post

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V&B: Wes Montgomery and The Art of Confidence

In this episode of Views & Brews, KUT’s Rebecca McInroy joins Rabbi Neil Blumofe in conversation about one of the 20th century’s most influential jazz guitarists, Wes Montgromery. We’ll discuss what we give up as we make a living and how Montgomery’s music and life lessons help us learn about our own choices, and our own sense of…

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The Yuck Factor

In this episode of Two Guys on Your Head Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke talk about the “yuck factor” and morality.

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Texas Standard: August 6, 2015

Texas’s strict voter ID law struck down? Not so fast. Despite what you may have heard, voters are still very much in limbo. Also, deja vu for an embattled attorney general who faces even more legal trouble, this time possible contempt over same sex marriage laws. We’ll explain. And the FCC may well cut the…

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