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Texas Standard: August 5, 2015

A mugshot, a missing towel, a trifle? Or a sign that the well connected in Texas get white collar justice? The controversy today on the Texas Standard. Also, he’s a Texan with big plans and he’s having a very special guest over for dinner. We’ll hear why Hillary Clinton’s accepted the invitation, and what both…

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Texas Standard: August 4, 2015

In a town best known for its fruitcakes, door to door raids and detentions send shockwaves and raise questions. The story today on the Texas Standard. It’s the final countdown: who’ll be in the top 10 for the GOP debate? Another question: does the method add up? Also: a possible tipping point in reducing cow’s…

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The Ticket: Getting Ready for the 1st GOP Debate; Ep. 15

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KUT Weekend – July 31, 2015

Plans to move Austin’s monk parakeets….helping foster kids have a traditional start to the school year…and Austin’s music lobby calls for greater city help. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend! Subscribe here:

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Texas Standard: August 3, 2015

The top lawman in Texas indicted on three felony counts. What this means for a Tea Party favorite and for the state as a whole–today on the Texas Standard. Sweeping new curbs on carbon, and how Texas plans to respond. Also seeking sanctuary: a Guatemalan living in a Texas church, fearful of deportation because she’s…

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Remembering Joyce Ann Brown (Ep. 34, 2015)

A conversation with the late Joyce Ann Brown, shortly after her 2009 release after spending nearly 10 years wrongly imprisoned for robbery. She became a tireless champion of the incarcerated until her death in June 2015.

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