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KUT Weekend – December 30, 2016

What the Austin housing market could look like in 2017. The challenge of being sober in booze-friendly Austin. We discuss PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year: fake news. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend! Subscribe at

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So Long, 2016

Well, the year is finally coming to a close, and it’s time to celebrate a new trip around the sun. There were bad times, and… good times…? But 2016 is over and that’s all there is to say.

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Texas Standard: December 30, 2016

The number of U-S police officers who died in the line of duty at a five-year high. Texas by far lost the most. How that’s affecting those still serving. Also, a price surge, long lines and shortages: the gas crisis going on just south of the border. And extending our quality of life with the…

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The Generation Effect

We might think that when we hear or read something we learn it, but that assumption would be incorrect. As Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke point out in this edition of Two Guys on Your Head we have to work to produce ideas in order to really understand them.

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Texas Standard: December 29, 2016

Corruption on the border. We all know it’s there, but are you aware just how much it’s happening on this side of the Rio Grande? Also Texas lawmakers will spend a lot of time talking about education funding in the next few months. School districts and tax payers will want to pay attention. And some…

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Here’s Your Texas-Themed Reading List for 2017

I’m not an expert on many things, but when it comes to judging the quality of Texas literature, or Texana as it is called, I am as confident as a bronc rider still upright at seven seconds. That last second of the eight is reserved for humility. Chance needs scant time to have one spittin’…

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Texas Standard: December 28, 2016

Social media is getting the blame for a rash of fights at malls across the country, including Texas. How’s that possible? We’ll ask on today’s Texas Standard. Also, predicting the global dynamics of 2017. What’s next for the European Union? For oil? For the U.S. under Trump? Plus the business of space travel in Midland,…

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Texas Standard: December 27, 2016

Another Texan could be headed to Washington. Why it looks like the next Secretary of Agriculture could be from the Lone Star State. Plus there may be more locally-acquired Zika cases in Texas than have been reported so far. What we’re learning about the spread of the virus. And tis the season for returning gifts….

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The Story Behind Texas’ Favorite Butter

Texas has a great number of Texas brands: Southwest Airlines. Texas Instruments. Lone Star Beer. Dell Computer. Imperial Sugar. The King Ranch. Now, The King Ranch is a brand that came, quite literally, from a brand. King Ranch even has its own brand of Ford Pickup. The King Ranch also helped launch another old Texas…

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Texas Standard: December 26, 2016

What were the top stories of 2016? This hour, we’re revisiting the people and events making news across the lone star state. Plus in 2014 people called it the surge. This year, as the numbers of Central American families crossing the border broke new records, what was being done to keep them from coming in…

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Imani Perry (Ep. 4).

Imani Perry is a Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University. In this conversation with University of Texas Sociology Professor Ben Carrington, Perry discusses Hall’s work as foundational for her own intellectual trajectory as a cultural theorist. Likewise, Perry addresses Hall’s relevance for understanding a U.S. context by noting that the questions Hall asks…

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When we are born we know very little about the world and need to learn in order to survive, hence the propensity for curiosity. However some people are just more curious than others, so why is this? In this edition of Two Guys on Your Head, Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke talk about…

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Rance Allen (Ep. 3, 2017)

In Black America producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. speaks with legendary Gospel recording artist Bishop Rance Allen, celebrating The Rance Allen Group’s 40th year in the Gospel music industry and the release of their 25th album.

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KUT Weekend – December 23, 2016

Texas moves to cut off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood. Why do grackles gather in grocery store parking lots? Some restaurants offer special menus for New Year’s Eve. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend! Subscribe at

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Texas Standard: December 23, 2016

Twas the weekend of Christmas and all thru the state, the challenge of homelessness would not abate. Pregnant and homeless… how much room for compassion, with resources already stretched thin. Also one year ago a twisters ripped thru North Texas. Today, a return to ground zero to re-explore the ongoing efforts to rebuild a sense…

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Holiday Half-Craft

Some people do their holiday shopping all year long, others wait until the last minute. With online shopping and fast delivery, it’s easier than ever to take care of everyone on your list without leaving your couch. But a brave few are determined to make gifts, with their DIY skills and eye for detail. (But…

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Texas Standard: December 22, 2016

A foreign government cyberattacks the election. The US president pushes back. But is the response big enough to satisfy Texas? We’ll explore. Scores of Texas hospitals on a list for federal cuts and why in this case the injuries might be self-inflicted. Also: the doctor sees the symptoms, but what about the whole person? We’ll…

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Texas Standard: December 21, 2016

Texas officials fulfill a promise: no more Medicaid money to Planned Parenthood. The implications and what comes next. Plus a multi million dollar emergency infusion for child protective services. The plan: hire new caseworkers and give raises to keep others from leaving. But there’s a hitch, just in time for the holidays. We’ll hear about…

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Op-Ed Teaching Public Policy In A Trump Administration: James K. Galbraith

From The New Deal until the present moment the architecture of The United States formed around some basic principles of public policy; principles that will no longer apply under a Trump administration. With all the questions that are on the table when it comes to this transition, Dr. James K. Galbraith asks: “Is the study…

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Texas Standard: December 20, 2016

The assassination of a symbol of the old order. The rise of populist nationalism. Can history help us, or are we kidding ourselves? We’ll explore. Also events in the US, Turkey and Germany this week have millions turning to the past to help make sense of the future. A Texas-based scholar will try to help…

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