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Tomatoes: Coalition of Immokalee Workers (Ep. 29)

“The work we do is too important to the nation. We are the people who make it possible for every meal to exist. We feed the nation and we ask, have always asked, for the possibility to feed our own families in a dignified way without having to be in a vulnerable position all the…

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KUT Weekend – September 29, 2017

Early results from an experiment to improve safety around a downtown homeless shelter. Plus, how uncertainty around the future of health care is affecting Texans. And how undocumented day laborers face additional risks as they help rebuild from Hurricane Harvey. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend! Subscribe at

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Texas Standard: September 29, 2017

New York, Chicago, parts of Florida known for large Puerto Rican communities. My, after Maria, it’s looking like destination Texas. We’ll have the story. Also, a conversation with the head of Texas Task Force One, one of the first rescue groups to arrive in Puerto Rico. Plus, that phone in your hand? Chances are, it’s…

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Writer’s Block (Rebroadcast)

Writer’s block! That phrase might induce panic and a recollection of a familiar experience. It’s a very common phenomenon. So what is it? When in the beginning stages of undertaking a new writing project, a writer might find themselves blocked – stuck in front of a blank page or screen with no thoughts coming to…

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Texas Standard: September 28, 2017

They say it’ll help balance the budget, grow the economy, create more jobs, but what does it add up to for Texas? We’ll explore. Also after this week’s highly watched senate race in Alabama, what’s the take away for Texas? We’ll hear how that election could have shockwaves for the lone star state, and for…

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Texas Standard: September 27, 2017

A decades old backlog of evidence gathered after sexual assaults and the Houston lawsuit that could shake things up, we’ll have the story. Plus our question of the day: can a former punk rocker from El Paso stage a Texas sized political upset? The ballad of Beto vs. Ted, and the battle for the US…

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Texas Standard: September 26, 2017

Travis County’s Sheriff does a 180 after a ruling on Senate Bill 4. All ICE Detainers will be honored, but it’s not so simple. The status quo ante, the way things were before SB4. Is that what the court wants Texas to return to? We’ll try to sort out an opinion that’s left considerable confusion…

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Texas Standard: September 25, 2017

Could Ted Cruz sink the latest republican attempt at Obamacare repeal? Yes. Will he? That’s now the question, we’ll explore. Also, what really happened that caused fires to break out at a chemical plant during Harvey. We’ll hear what environmental regulators are looking into one month later. Plus Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and native Houstonian…

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Higher Ed: Navigating a Math-y Career Pivot

A listener wrote in to “Higher Ed” about his decision to pursue a Ph.D. in pure mathematics after studying classical piano performance and working as a pianist. In this episode of KUT’s podcast Higher Ed, KUT’s Jennifer Stayton and Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger discuss becoming a mathematician later in life and the joys…

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Elva Diane Green, pt. 2 (Ep. 42, 2017)

In Black America producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. concludes his interview with Elva Diane Green, author of Eddie Green: The Rise of an Early 1900;s Black American Entertainment Pioneer.  Ms. Green is the daughter of the little-known but influential comedian, singer, dancer, actor and filmmaker.

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KUT Weekend – September 22, 2017

Questions persist over how FEMA decides who gets help after Hurricane Harvey. Plus, what if Amazon chooses Austin for its second headquarters? And why aren’t Rollingwood, West Lake Hills and Sunset Valley part of Austin? Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend. Subscribe at

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Sidney Mintz (Extended Interview)

“Most of all I would like more coming to terms with what happened…I think what needs to be done is for all of my fellow citizens in this country to understand what happened and to be able to say, this is what was done and now we must think about how to make the playing…

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Praise (Rebroadcast)

“Hey, you know, you’re really good at that.” That feels good to hear, doesn’t it? Praise always feels good to hear, but not all praise motivates us to try new things, challenge ourselves, or deal with failure. In this episode of Two Guys on Your Head, Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke discuss how…

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Texas Standard: September 22, 2017

After Trump, after a special session, after Harvey—where does Texas go from here? From the biggest annual political event in the Lone Star State, this is the Texas Standard. With the federal government in the hands of republicans, what kind of mark is Texas making on American politics right now? This is the place to…

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Never-Ending Construction on I-35

Tired of the seemingly endless construction on Interstate 35? Wondering if it will ever end? That slow traffic flow is the subject of this week’s Typewriter Rodeo poem.

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V&B – Being Trans in Texas: Education, Advocacy and Support

KUT’s Rebecca McInroy joins Chuck Smith from Equality Texas, Carmarion Anderson of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries, Attorney Claire Bow, Professor Shane Whalley from the UT School of Social Work, and Filmmaker Jett Garrison to talk about what it means to be transgender in the current social and political moment and how allies can provide…

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Texas Standard: September 21, 2017

Two major earthquakes south of the border in the course of two weeks. Should Texans be worried about our tectonic ties to Mexico? We’ll explore. Also, a new battlefront in the debate over just how separate church and state are in the US, and Texas’ Harvey experience is a big part of that discussion, we’ll…

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Why Aren’t West Lake Hills, Sunset Valley And Rollingwood Part Of Austin?

There’s a bunch of island cities in South Austin. How did it get that way?

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Texas Standard: September 20, 2017

7.1 on the Richter Scale: a deadly earthquake in central Mexico on the anniversary of a historic temblor. We’ll take you to Mexico city this hour. Also, the military plane is designated for TX and it could be a shot in the arm for you know where, we’ll have the story. Plus Ken Paxton says…

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Uncle Dale’s Greatest Gift

Uncle Dale was the first grownup to come home in the afternoon. He wasn’t our real Uncle – we just called him that. Back then, it was considered rude for a child to call an adult only by their first name, so we had lots of aunts and uncles. Uncle Dale got up when it was…

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