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Texas Standard: October 31, 2018

It’s a Texas contest for U.S. Congress that may add up to more than a single congressional seat. We’ll take a look at that race and why the stakes are so high. Also, signs signs everywhere signs: a conspicuous number of Texas front yards enlisted in the 2018 midterms. Signs of the times you might…

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How Moms Use The Legend Of La Llorona To Keep Their Kids In Line

By W. F. Strong La LLorona (the crying woman) is a Mexican legend that is at least 500 years old. It no doubt arrived in Texas with the earliest Mexican settlers and La Llorona has haunted our rivers, lakes and streams ever since, particularly in the border regions. There are dozens of versions. Here is…

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Texas Standard: October 30, 2018

It’s election season: do you know who you’re casting your ballot for? Are you sure? We’ll take a look at reports of problems with voting machines statewide. Also, the White House calls for more than 5,000 active duty troops to be sent to the border to intercept a so-called migrant caravan, and their mission doesn’t…

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Naomi Shihab Nye

In this edition of This Is Just To Say, poet and novelist Carrie Fountain talks with Palestinian-American poet Naomi Shihab Nye about her writing practice, her role as a teacher and mentor, and about her new book, Voices in the Air: Poems for Listeners.

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Texas Standard: October 29, 2018

As a nation reels in the aftermath of a synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, congregants gather in Sutherland Springs to reflect on what happened there a year earlier. Also, as texans continue to set records at the polls, political experts keep talking about the so-called sleeping giant. But a case can be made that there’s a…

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Higher Ed: Better Problem Solving Through Puzzles

Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger calls his “Effective Thinking and Creative Puzzle-Solving” class at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, the “Seinfeld” of classes. Why? Burger claims the class is about nothing. In this episode of KUT’s podcast “Higher Ed,” Burger and KUT’s Jennifer Stayton discuss why that kind of class is actually about something…

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Mahisha Dellinger (Ep. 47, 2018)

In Black America producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. speaks with Mahisha Dellinger, author, reality TV host and Chief Executive Officer of Curls Beauty Brands, a leader in the natural hair care industry. Dellinger is also the host of Mind Your Business With Mahisha, on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

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KUT Weekend – October 26, 2018

Austin’s boil water order could end Sunday. Plus, members of Austin’s muslim community try to balance safety with openness after a rash of vandalism. And the two leading candidates for Austin’s mayor face off in a public forum. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend! Subscribe at

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Texas Standard: October 26, 2018

What some are calling the most drastic move to date against would be immigrants: a shutdown of the southern border. Preparations underway to send up to a thousand U.S. troops to the border to stop a caravan of thousands of would be migrants, all this days before midterm elections. We’ll hear what the leaders of…

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No Mask? … No Mask!

Don your face paint, costumes and masks for Halloween, but don’t forget that it’s not always movie monsters or villains that are the scariest ghouls to haunt our waking days. That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

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Sugar And The Brain (Rebroadcast)

Why is it hard to have just one of those delicious slices of pound cake over the holidays? Well, it turns out it has less to do with the creamy butter and more to do with the way our brains react to those sweet white grains of sugar. In this edition of Two Guys on…

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Texas Standard: October 25, 2018

As the latest bomb scares appear to underscore, the political center isn’t holding. But what about here in Texas? And what does it mean for the long term? That’s today on the Texas Standard. Coming to you live today from the studios of Texas Public Radio- celebrating 30 years on the air in San Antonio…

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Texas Standard: October 24, 2018

As the midterms get underway in earnest, The Pentagon launches its first cyber operation to counter Russian interference. We’ll have the latest. Plus all this week, as Texans head out to the polls, we’re taking your questions about the midterms. Today: who’s saying what, and to what extent, when it comes to climate change? We’ll…

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Texas Standard: October 23, 2018

Setting records statewide as early voting gets underway across Texas. Meanwhile President Trump turns up the volume on immigration as a migrant caravan from Central America makes its way through Mexico to the U.S. border. We’ll have the latest. Also, watch what you wear before you head out to the polls. Why that favorite shirt…

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Texas Standard: October 22, 2018

Early voting gets underway across the Lone Star State and more Texans are registered than ever. But are they actually voting? We’ll check in on how early voting is going as Texans begin casting ballots in the much anticipated midterms. Plus a primer on early voting should you plan to cast a ballot. Plus a…

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Higher Ed: Speaking Up And Speaking Out In The Classroom (And Elsewhere)

Remember the character on the 1970’s tv sitcom “Welcome Back, Kotter” – Arnold Horshack – who enthusiastically waved his hand in the air and bounced up and down in his seat because he always wanted to answer questions in class? For many students, speaking up in school is actually something they try to avoid. In…

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Tawan Davis (Ep. 46, 2018)

In Black America producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. speaks with Tawan Davis, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of the Steinbridge Group, a real estate company active in the urban single-family home market, and interested in assisting working class families in transitional neighborhoods.

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KUT Weekend – October 19, 2018

People forced from their homes by flooding are allowed to return, but the Lower Colorado River Authority still has to manage all that water. Plus, political races in Central Texas to watch in the upcoming election. And why do so few homes in the Austin-area have basements? Those stories and more in this edition of…

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Lisa Olstein

Poet and novelist Carrie Fountain talks with poet Lisa Olstein  about trusting her writing process, her roots as a poet, and about her haunting and beautiful poem “This Is Our American America Here Is Our Son.”    

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Texas Standard: October 19, 2018

As Midterms approach, so do thousands of migrants from Honduras and Guatemala en route to the U.S. We’ll have the latest on not one but now two caravans of Central Americans headed north. Mexico sends its military to stop them, as many in the U.S. ponder the political implications in a heated election year. Also…

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