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Leadership and Being Liked

If you’re in a leadership position you know you have to make some difficult decisions. Some of those decisions might put you in the doghouse for a while, but if you are motivated by the good of the group as opposed to the need to be liked, things tend to work out better. In this…

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KUT Weekend – November 30, 2018

Dockless scooters present pitfalls (and potholes) for police, pedestrians — and insurers. Plus, the U.S. waives FBI fingerprint background checks for teens at a migrant camp in West Texas. And why are Austin’s trees having such a colorful autumn? Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend! Subscribe at

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Texas Standard: November 30, 2018

The next version of NAFTA now signed by all three countries, but it’s far from a done deal. On Capitol Hill, the push back’s bipartisan, we’ll hear why and whether it could cause the pact to unravel. Also picture this: you’re pulled over at the side of the road and the trooper asks to see…

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For many folks around Texas, allergies are a year-round problem. This Typewriter Rodeo poem is for them.

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Texas Standard: November 29, 2018

An historic new era set to begin in Mexico on Saturday. What does Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador mean for Texas? We’ll explore. Also, it’s been more than a year after Hurricane Harvey. Whatever happened to those long promised fixes to the floodplain maps? We’ll take a look. And in the first Texas city to shift…

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Why Is Austin’s Foliage So Amazing This Fall?

Mose Buchele takes a walk with our question-asker to learn the science behind this fall’s colorful trees.

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Texas Standard: November 28, 2018

Here we go again? As the clock ticks down to the end of the year, a top ranking Texas lawmaker poses 300 pages of tax changes – we’ll hear why. South of the border down Argentina way, President Trump headed to meet with world leaders for a so called G-20 summit. Why that could prove…

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Time-Traveling With Frederick Law Olmsted

If I could have any wish I would choose to be a time-traveler. Some say time travel will be possible one day, and some say it is the stuff of fairy tales. So, I guess until Elon Musk invents that mythical machine, books will have to do. Books give us the next best thing. They…

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TELL US: When Can You Call Yourself A “Real” Austinite?

What are the experiences that bind Austinites together? Send us your answer at or call/text to 737-443-9466 or email us at [email protected]

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Carrie Fountain Remembers Poet Tony Hoagland

Tony Hoagland was an American poet who passed away on October 23, 2018. On this episode of This is Just To Say poet and novelist Carrie Fountain reads his poem “Disappointment” and talks with KUT’s Rebecca McInroy about Hoagland’s life and legacy.

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Texas Standard: November 27, 2018

As visions of gift shopping danced in our heads, a report on climate released by the Feds. What does it tell us about how Texas may have to adjust? Political recriminations over the timing of the mandatory report on the economic impact of climate change. After having had a chance to review it, what’s it…

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Texas Standard: November 26, 2018

A threat to shut the border permanently after a confrontation involving tear gas and members of a so-called migrant caravan, we’ll have the latest. Also, plans for a school in southeast Texas now on hold after the discovery of scores of unmarked graves, and a history of prison labor seldom discussed. Brooke Lewis of the…

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George T. “Mickey” Leland (Ep. 51, 2018)

In Black America presents a 1981 conversation with the late George T. “Mickey” Leland, former U.S. Representative from the 18th Congressional District of Houston, Texas, and former Chairman of the House Hunger Committee. In 1989, Congressman Leland and a delegation of fifteen Americans and Ethiopians died in a plane crash in Ethiopia.

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Texas Standard: November 23, 2018

On this Black Friday, how marketing created a legacy of pirates in the air over Texas, affecting music culture and politics way beyond. With shopping season officially underway, we often think of hyper-commercialism as a byproduct of Madison Avenue. But one could make the case that America’s hype machine got its start along the border…

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A Radio Dream

The intimacy of the medium of radio was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

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Thanksgiving (Rebroadcast)

For many of us, Thanksgiving means spending time with our families, carrying out traditions that we’ve practiced for years. While it can be very stressful, messy, and challenging to spend time with family members you don’t see very often, it can also be a beautiful time of re-centering. Traditions serve a psychological function. By repeating…

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Texas Standard: November 22, 2018

Kids are taught of how they traveled across the sea to escape persecution: what of those making pilgrimages to safety in modern times? We’re reconsidering what many describe as a global refugee crisis. But is it truly a crisis? And just how overwhelming does it have to be? From the UN High Commission for Refugees,…

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Literature, Poetry, Activism, and Immigration

Listen back as KUT’s Rebecca McInroy talks with novelist Natalia Sylvester, poet Emmy Pérez, and activist Maria Oliveira, about the power of sharing stories, how poetry can unite, and the links between vintage clothing and resistance.

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Texas Standard: November 21, 2018

Danger! Slippery road ahead: as Texans hit the holiday highways with cheaper gas at the pumps, falling oil prices could still hit us where it hurts. The oil and gas sector lose one trillion dollars in value as prices plummet: what’s happening and how it could affect everyday Texans. Also, thinking about 2020 already? Why…

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Texas Standard: November 20, 2018

Backing away from the border: the Pentagon plans a drawdown of active duty forces there…mission accomplished or something else? You’ve heard of the wall of separation between church and state—could the church stop a wall between Mexico and the U.S.? Also, a death at a North Texas jail turns the spotlight on untrained guards at…

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