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Jericho Brown

Poet Jericho Brown reads his poem “Duplex” from his new book, The Tradition, and talks with poet and novelist Carrie Fountain about creating a new poetic form, the importance of play, and why Lucille Clifton should be a household name.

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Texas Standard: April 30, 2019

To be or not to be a Senate candidate. Democrats puzzled why an expected challenge to John Cornyn is slow to materialize, we’ll have the latest. Plus, amid what appears to be growing support for gun control efforts in other parts of the U.S., the nation’s biggest gun rights group takes aim against itself? A…

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Texas Standard: April 29, 2019

The state of Texas to to pay half a million in legal fees and rescind its plan to check the citizenship of registered voters, we’ll have the latest. Other stories we’re watching: how what’s happening in the Texas oilfield resembles a certain superhero-filled hollywood blockbuster. Also, the part of Texas’ death row seldom heard about…

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Higher Ed: A Mindset Shift Can Elicit Satisfaction And Even Joy From Intellectual Struggle

Learning is not always easy. Some subjects, concepts and teachers are just plain tough. Mastering that material can be frustrating and even discouraging. In this episode of the KUT podcast “Higher Ed,” KUT’s Jennifer Stayton talks with Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger about how a shift in mindset can help learners at any age…

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Ben Tankard (Ep. 21, 2019)

This week on In Black America, producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. speaks with Ben Tankard, minister, motivational speaker, best-selling author, Reality TV Dad, and Gospel and Jazz musician from Daytona Beach, Florida.

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KUT Weekend – April 26, 2019

What’s happening with school finance and property tax cuts at the Texas legislature. Plus, presidential candidates court women of color at a Texas forum. And how one Texas man almost lost everything when it was his word against border officials. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend! Subscribe at

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Gene Ammons

Eugene “Jug” Ammons AKA “The Boss” was a tenor saxophonist known for his bold, R&B-soul sound. His vast discography as a bandleader and occasional sideman stretch from the 1950s to the 1970s. In this episode of Liner Notes, Rabbi Neil Blumofe discusses the legacy of Gene Ammons.

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King Pleasure

Clarence “King Pleasure” Beeks was a fronting vocalist and early innovator of the “vocalese” style, whose discography spanned two decades in the mid twentieth century. In this edition of Liner Notes, jazz historian and Rabbi Neil Blumofe discusses the career and influence of King Pleasure.

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George Benson

Guitarist George Benson recorded his first album at the age of 21 and continues to be a tremendous influence in the guitar world. In this edition of Liner Notes, jazz historian and Rabbi Neil Blumofe discusses the ongoing life and career of George Benson.

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Mal Waldron

Arranger, composer and pianist Malcolm “Mal” Waldron played in a number of big bands and fronted his own before a drug overdose left him unable to play or remember music. As he regained his technique through listening to his own records, Waldron began a second leg of his career with a decidedly different sound than…

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Economic Man

The Secret Ingredient is “Economic Man.” Swedish economist Katrine Marçal, author of “Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?” guides the conversation on the role of gender in economics and food politics along with Raj Patel, Tom Philpott and Rebecca McInroy.

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Texas Standard: April 26, 2019

It was a perp walk with the TV cameras rolling as the mayor of Edinburg and his wife were led to court in handcuffs. An attorney general’s investigation into allegations of election fraud result in charges for the top official in Edinburg as city officials say they’re standing by their mayor, we’ll have the latest….

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The Easter Egg We Didn’t Find

You boiled the egg, you dyed the egg, you hid the egg — and you didn’t find the egg for a week. That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

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For some, completing a task the moment it arises is of utmost importance. But if you do something to completion far ahead of its deadline, you may miss out on important information. On this episode of Two Guys on Your Head, Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke discuss “pre-crastination”.

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Texas Standard: April 25, 2019

A 3 year old found alone at the border, his name and a phone number written on his shoes. An anomaly? Hardly. This instance turning a spotlight on a tragedy more common than many might imagine. So reports Manny Fernandez of the New York Times, and we’ll talk with him. Also, the Texas based Boy…

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Texas Standard: April 24, 2019

A Texas democrat enters the race for U.S. senate, facing a 3 term incumbent with a massive war chest. Veteran M.J. Hegar throws her hat into the ring for the Senate seat held by John Cornyn. What are her chances and what does it mean for another much talked about potential challenger? Also, the Dallas…

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Texas Standard: April 24, 2019

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of sex. But what about sexual orientation? We’ll take a closer look at the Supreme Court’s decision to hear a trio of cases with the potential of expanding gay lesbian and transgender rights. Also, 3 scientists being fired amid espionage fears at Houston’s…

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Texas Standard: April 22, 2019

T-minus 35 days and counting as the Texas Legislature approaches the end of the regular session. Will we be going into overtime? A closer look today on the Standard. From property tax and school finance reform to child welfare and the environment -a whole lot of unfinished business and just five weeks to get it…

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14th Annual Fritz Pollard Awards, pt. 2 (Ep. 20, 2019)

On this week’s program, In Black America producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. presents highlights from the 2019 Fritz Pollard Awards, featuring NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Lifetime Achievement Award winner Warwick Dunn, and Fritz Pollard Alliance founder John Wooten.

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KUT Weekend — April 19, 2019

In a special edition of KUT Weekend, we bring you a half-hour look at why many students of color are struggling in Austin’s public schools. It’s a documentary called Held Back, produced by KUT’s Claire McInerny.

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