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Texas Standard: December 16, 2019

A behind the scenes drama involving a Texas senator could have major implications for the U.S. and Iran. What’s happening and why it matters, today on the Texas Standard. Student athletes getting kicked out of college following complaints of sexual assault but getting to start over at other schools. A new report about a “sexual…

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Eddie Palmieri

In this edition of Liner Notes, Rabbi and jazz historian Neil Blumofe talks about what the life and music of Palmieri can teach us about identity, the power of movement, and the necessity of community. Eddie Palmieri is an American pianist, bandleader, musician, and composer of Puerto Rican ancestry. He is the founder of the…

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Higher Ed: Holding On Tight Is Easier Than Letting Go. Why We Need To Learn How To Do Both Well.

As Dr. Ed Burger prepares to leave Southwestern University to become President and Chief Executive Officer of St. David’s Foundation in Austin, Texas, he and KUT’s Jennifer Stayton discuss the art of letting go, as they wrap up the KUT podcast “Higher Ed.” Ed says “letting go” in the workplace starts with a pretty straightforward…

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Dr. Glenda Glover

This week on In Black America, producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. speaks with Dr. Glenda Glover, President of Tennessee State University and International President of Alpha Kappa Alpha University, Inc., the oldest Greek letter organization established by African American college-educated women.

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The Psychology of Awards

Awards are a double-edged-sword; whenever someone wins someone else is left out. It turns out that there is a lot more than merit wrapped up in winning awards. In this episode of Two Guys on Your Head, Dr. Art Markman, and Dr. Bob Duke talk about the social and psychological aspects of awards.

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KUT Weekend – December 13, 2019

Austin is one step closer to getting a contentious set of new rules that determine what can be built in which parts of the city. Plus, how narratives and not facts often drive news coverage of public opinion surveys. And who is the chatty guy who works at the post office in East Austin? Those…

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Texas Standard: December 13, 2019

Houston’s police chief blames the boyfriend loophole for the on duty death of an officer. What is the boyfriend loophole? We’ll explore. Plus, the president appears to be hours away from impeachment: where are other presidents getting impeached? Why many western democracies don’t have it. Also, what could be the next boom industry in Texas:…

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Lone Star Playlist

Texas has inspired many a singer-songwriter. So if you’re traveling across the state, you might consider listening to what others have seen on those wide-open roads. That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

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Texas Standard: December 12, 2019

Blocked at the border: a judge in El Paso puts the brakes again on part of the president’s border wall project, although parts of the wall are still going up. We’ll have more on the latest legal challenge to the president’s effort to fulfill his campaign promise of a border wall from the Gulf to…

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Texas Standard: December 11, 2019

The house moves closer to impeachment, but any closer to the removal of the commander in chief? We’ll do a breakdown of the next steps in the process. As members of the house prepare to vote on the removal of a president, they also hand him a political victory on trade. One that will have…

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The Man Who Led The Battle Against Yellow Fever

By W. F. Strong I’m walking on the veranda of the Gorgas Building at Texas Southmost College in Brownsville. It’s named for the famous Army physician, William Gorgas, who was sent here to Fort Brown in 1882. This building was already here when he was. It was the hospital he ran. What he would learn here, and…

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The Psychology of Happiness

Many people chase after goals that seem to them important and promising—getting into the right college, getting the dream job, moving to a big house. But what do you really need to be happy? To have a sense of fulfillment and joy? And why is it important? Listen back to KUT’s Views and Brews recorded…

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Texas Standard: December 10, 2019

Deadline for getting on the ballot in Texas comes and goes. We’ll take a look at what the list of candidates may or may not tell us about an evolution in Texas politics. Also, years ago alarm bells sounded over a high rate of maternal mortality in Texas. Then the data was found to be…

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The Green New Deal in Texas: Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez

Explore the future of the Green New Deal and what it means for Texas with Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez. Tzintzún is challenging John Cornyn for the 2020 US Senate seat for the State of Texas. She is the Co-founder of the Workers Defense Project and Jolt, and she talked with The Secret Ingredient team–Raj Patel, Tom…

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Texas Standard: December 9, 2019

The Texas General Land Office has a question for many towns and cities: after Harvey, how would you spend 4 billion dollars? The mayor of Rockport weighs in today on the Texas Standard. Also, the eyes of many Texans on the impeachment drama on Capitol Hill. Not all Texas lawmakers singing the same tune on…

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Dr. Idopise Umana

This week on In Black America, producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. speaks with Dr. Idopise Umana, a board-certified internal medicine physician who specializes in managing patients with acute and chronic illnesses and founder of The Wellness Institute, located in Suwanee, Georgia.

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Higher Ed: Learning From Failure (And Then Letting It Go)

In the very first episode of KUT’s podcast “Higher Ed,” Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger and KUT’s Jennifer Stayton talked about the importance of failure to learning. Has any thinking changed about that concept in the past five years? Ed says he has greater clarity now than he had five years ago about one…

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KUT Weekend – December 6, 2019

The Austin City Council orders an extensive investigation into allegations of racism and bias in the Austin Police Department. Plus, a pediatric brain surgeon in Austin who died in a car race is remembered for his biggest wins off the track. And Rainey Street will be closed to cars and trucks on weekends. Those stories…

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Texas Standard: December 6, 2019

The system that’s normally entangled in scandal has a couple of highlights to report. We’ll talk about Texas foster care. Also, what happens when the University Interscholastic League tweaks its guidelines? We look at three major implications. And what Texas is willing to do when it comes to vaping and e-cigarettes, we’ll tell you more….

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Some argue Texas doesn’t really have seasons — though that may depend on which part of Texas you call home. Still, a season almost all Texans share despite the weather: construction season. That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

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