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KUT Weekend – January 31, 2020

New data showing black and Latinx drivers are increasingly more likely to be stopped by Austin police. Plus, the story of a Central Texas man’s deportation to Mexico and how it affected his children, who are U.S. citizens. And the Austin History Center celebrating a newspaper that’s chronicled black life in Austin since 1973. Those…

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Explanation Accessibility

Many factors play into how we make sense of the world and our place in it. In this episode of Two Guys on Your Head, Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke talk about how the accessibility of certain explanations frames our understanding.

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Texas Standard: January 31, 2020

The wind-down and the takeaways: what if anything has been learned from the impeachment drama on capitol hill? We’ll explore. Other stories were covering, a new database of Catholic priests said to be credibly accused of child abuse, how credible is it that the list is complete? And the end of an era? Two families…

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Welcome To The World, Brand New Baby Texan!

There are two primary ways to become a Texan: be born here or get here as fast as you can. This Typewriter Rodeo poem is for the newest natives.

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Texas Standard: January 30, 2020

The Iowa caucuses may be just around the corner, but Joe Biden’s setting his sights on Texas. We’ll talk with the former Vice President. Also, people in one part of Houston desperate for answers to their questions about a cluster of cancer cases, we’ll have the latest. And fully autonomous cars? Not quite there, but…

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Texas Standard: January 29, 2020

A race watched nationwide as a test of how well democrats are positioned to take the Texas house of representatives. We’ll take a closer look at the contest to replace and incumbent Texas house republican in district 28: why all the attention, and what the outcome does or does not tells us about changing politics…

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The Impeachment and Conviction of Texas Governor Jim Ferguson

It’s hard not to like the down-home folksy style that made Texas Governor Jim Ferguson so enormously popular 100 years ago. After all, he was known as “Farmer Jim.” He often said, “Civilization begins and ends with the plow.” Ferguson was a mesmerizing speaker and storyteller and was splendidly fluent in the dialects of rural…

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Texas Standard: January 28, 2020

As the Trump administration begins to wrap up its defense, is the Bolton book looking like a tipping point in the impeachment saga? We’ll take a closer look. Also, a Texas A&M constitutional scholar weighs in on what happens next in the senate trial of Donald J Trump. And A plan to reboot space exploration…

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Grammys! Grammys! Grammys!

This week on The Breaks: Hosts Confucius and Fresh discuss the controversy at the Recording Academy, and explain why they think the Grammys are no longer culturally relevant. They talk about DaBaby’s recent run-in with a hotel valet. In his Unpopular Opinion Fresh acknowledges that even though the Grammys aren’t culturally relevant, the Grammy’s still matter…

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Re-imagining Museums for Healing

Join KUT’s Rebecca McInroy along with Annette Juba from AGE of Central Texas, Dr. Valerie Rosen, and Ray Williams and Monique O’Neil from The Blanton Museum to talk about how the Blanton is partnering with schools, hospitals, and other organizations to create groundbreaking programs that help patients, families, and caregivers navigate social, reparative experiences. Monique…

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Texas Standard: January 27, 2020

As The impeachment trial resumes, how closely are Texas women listening? We’ll take a closer look at an important demographic in this election year. Other stories we’re tracking: Scores of Houston families on the long road to rebuilding after a massive explosion late last week: we’ll hear the latest. Also the Trump administration issues new…

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Dr. Monique W. Morris (Ep. 8, 2020)

This week, In Black America producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. speaks with Dr. Monique W. Morris, social justice scholar, author o f Sing a Rhythm, Dance a Blues: Education for the Liberation of Black and Brown Girls, and founder and President of The National Black Women’s Justice Institute.

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KUT Weekend – January 24, 2020

The Austin City Council tries to decriminalize low-level marijuana possession, but the police chief says officers will still bust pot smokers. Plus, rural counties in fast-growing Central Texas hustle to prevent being undercounted in the 2020 Census. And the Last Man on Rainey Street vowed to stay, but now he’s glad he left. Those stories…

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Motivation and Self-Presentation

It turns out that our motivational system has a lot to do with how we present ourselves. In this edition of Two Guys on Your Head,  Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke talk about the psychology behind motivation and self-presentation and what that means when it comes to gender.

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Texas Standard: January 24, 2020

Houstonians shaken overnight by an explosion. We’ll explore the details. Also, we remember PBS host Jim Lehrer, the national star who spent years in the Lone star state died Thursday. Plus perceptions of U.S. troops stationed in Ukraine amid the president’s impeachment trial. And is this hemp or is it marijuana? Well, if in Austin…

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Texas Standard: January 23, 2020

Got your attention yet? We’ll take a look at just how closely Texans are tracking the impeachment story and whether it’ll move the political needle in the Lone Star State. Among the other stories we’re following, the state of solitary confinement in Texas, where more than 1300 prisoners have been held for 6 years or…

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Texas Standard: January 22, 2020

Just ahead of Super Tuesday, voter registration hits an all time high in Texas. We’ll look at what the new record setting numbers add up to. Other stories we’re tracking: governor Abbott’s decision to stop accepting refugees, widely panned by big city mayors and major newspaper editorial boards. We’ll hear why its playing out in…

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Three Texas Myths That Won’t Die

In my travels around the state I run into people now and then who have deeply held convictions about Texas that are simply untrue. They hold to myths that have been nurtured by well-intentioned souls since San Jacinto days, and it breaks my heart to tell them they are mistaken, but not for long. I…

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The Green New Deal for Agriculture: Jim Goodman and Raj Patel

“We need to change society so everybody can fit in and everyone can afford to live in a decarbonized society.” – Jim Goodman  In this episode of The Secret Ingredient host Raj Patel plays double-duty — he is not just a host, but joins Jim Goodman as a guest. The two discuss what A Green…

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What Happened To The Last Man On Rainey Street?

A year ago, we answered a question from an ATXplained listener: Where did all the families that used to live on Rainey Street go? One man was still there. But now, even that has changed. Audrey McGlinchy has this follow-up.

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