The Breaks

The Breaks Shelter in Place

Fresh and Confucius discuss how they and hip-hop artists are adjusting to social distancing measures.

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Cancelled! SXSW vs COVID-19

This week on The Breaks: Fresh talks about the City of Austin’s decision to cancel SXSW due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns and the longterm negative impacts it will have on the Austin economy, especially for the individuals and businesses that rely on the festival for a significant portion of their income. Plus, he tells us why…

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What We Love About Female Rappers

This week on The Breaks: Confucius and Fresh explain what they love about the latest wave of female rappers like Megan the Stallion and City Girls. Both hosts talk about their frustration with Snoop Dogg’s episode of Red Table Talk, and express their disappointment with the negative energy people direct towards black women. They explain…

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Legacy, Legacy, Legacy

This week on The Breaks: Confucius and Fresh send their condolences to the family of local artist Chameleon Brenden Foster after his passing. They also talk about how, although legacies are important, new artists don’t have to be aware of everyone who came before them in order to thrive in the Austin Music Scene. They discuss…

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The Hard Truth about Austin Hip-Hop

This week on The Breaks, Confucius and Fresh break down the backlash to the Forbes article on Rad and Wane. In response, they discuss the history of hip-hop in Austin.

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This week on The Breaks: Confucius and Fresh discuss the internet’s reaction to CBS reporter Gayle King asking WNBA star Lisa Leslie about the sexual assault accusation against her friend and mentor Kobe Bryant. Both hosts lament the downfall of Nicki Minaj in the wake of her latest social media battle with her ex-boyfriend Meek…

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Interview with Eimaral Sol

This week on The Breaks, Fresh sits down with KUTX’s Artist of the Month Eimaral Sol to talk about her journey from Killeen to Austin via Houston. They also discuss the inspiration behind her music, her thoughts about The Grammys and her takes on the Austin Chronicle Music Poll and Austin music scene. This week’s Local Song of…

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Grammys! Grammys! Grammys!

This week on The Breaks: Hosts Confucius and Fresh discuss the controversy at the Recording Academy, and explain why they think the Grammys are no longer culturally relevant. They talk about DaBaby’s recent run-in with a hotel valet. In his Unpopular Opinion Fresh acknowledges that even though the Grammys aren’t culturally relevant, the Grammy’s still matter…

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Roddy Rich vs Selena Gomez

This week on The Breaks Hosts Confucius and Fresh discuss how Selena Gomez’s plea to fans to stream her new album so that she could beat Roddy Ricch for number one proves that hip-hop is the most popular genre in the music industry. Both hosts discuss the fake story about Boosie Badazz fighting George Zimmerman….

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Shaggy shoots down Rihanna

This week on The Breaks Hosts Confucius and Fresh discuss how they feel about Shaggy turning down the opportunity to be on Rihanna’s new record after he was asked to audition. They talk about the reaction too Boosie Badazz wearing a Kappa sweater to an NBA game  Austin Artist J Soulja, creator of The Smokeout…

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DaBaby: Right or Wrong?

This week on The Breaks: Hosts Confucius and Fresh discuss whether DaBaby was right to have his crew  jump a concert promoter who shorted him. Both hosts explain why they feel documentaries like “Surviving R. Kelly –  Part II: The Reckoning” are necessary to amplify the voices of people of color who have been victims of…

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All Things Drake

This week on The Breaks: Hosts Confucius and Fresh discuss Drake’s interview on the Rap Radar podcast where he talks about his reaction to the Pusha T diss track “The Story of Adidon.” They talk about Keyshia Cole’s reaction to the  O.T. Genasis song “Cuz” which is a parody of her song “Love.” Austin rapper Flyboy…

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Leave Lizzo Alone!

This Week on The Breaks: Fresh wonders why Nick Cannon decided to go after Eminem on the diss track “The Invitation.” On his Unpopular Opinion Fresh defends Lizzo’s right to twerk at the Lakers Game, and tells the internet to back off and let Lizzo be Lizzo. Fresh implores artists to prioritize their mental health…

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Happy Birthday Jay-Z

This week on The Breaks: Confucius and Fresh give listeners little known facts about Jay-Z for his 50th birthday & explore the connection between Hov and the late Pimp C. The guys discuss whether there’s some underlining tension between Toronto stars The Weeknd and PARTYNEXTDOOR. Austin based Harry Edohoukwa comes in for an interview and…

Omarion and Pettiness

This week on The Breaks: Confucius explains why he’s a fan of Omarion’s pettiness towards Lil Fizz. Confucius and Fresh discuss Lil Uzi Vert’s twitter rant about his record label, Generation Music Group. Austin artist Jake Lloyd talks about his headlining show at Stubbs on December 7th and his views on being an urban artist…

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Megan Thee Stallion & The Grammys

This week on The Breaks: In his Unpopular Opinion segment, Fresh explains why he thinks Megan Thee Stallion wasn’t nominated for a Grammy in the “Best New Artist” category. Confucius and Fresh talk to Austin’s Eazy Boi about his new record “Griffin,” fatherhood and his thoughts on the city’s hip-hop scene. Confucius implores people to…

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Dr. Dre is the GOAT

This Week on The Breaks: Confucius and Fresh explore all the reasons that Dr. Dre is the greatest producer of all time. Both hosts discourage people from dismissing  new music as not “Real” Hip-hop or “Real” R&B. They interview Austin artist Mike Melinoe about his new record “Clajidu,” why he moved to Austin from Detroit…

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Nipsey Hussle & Success

This week on The Breaks: Confucius and Fresh talk about whether Nipsey Hussle’s profile was elevated after his death and discuss what “success” really means today. They explore the history of  Outkast’s Stankonia Studios and reflect on the stories that might be told about Austin hip-hop someday. Both  hosts make a call more Black tastemakers…

Kanye vs Confucius and Fresh

Confucius and Fresh discuss why they’re no longer willing to rock with Kanye West and why they are willing to read the new Prince biography “The Beautiful Ones.” They interview Austin rapper, Queen Deelah.  Fresh defends the Austin ISD’s decision to close schools in his Unpopular Opinion and Confucius warns again narcissism in his segment…

Cardi B or Nicki Minaj?

Confucius and Fresh debate who’s been a bigger influence on female rappers today — Cardi B or Nicki Minaj. They explore the highs and lows of the 1998 film Belly and explain why they share T-Pain’s pain about his recent tour cancellation. They encourage Austin artists to avoid buying likes and plays,  discourage readers from…