June 1, 2015

Looser gun laws, modest tax cuts and more money for Texas roads, but after 140 days, it’s now closing time at the State Legislature. Today is Sine Die, the last day of the legislative session-we’ll speak to a capitol reporter. Plus, it’s been more than two weeks since a shootout in Waco claimed nine lives,…

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May 22, 2015

The takeover stretches from Syria deep into the hear of Iraq…is it too late to stem the tide of the group that calls itself the islamic state? From Texas to Nepal with love…an effort to help keep the water safe after devastating earthquakes…Avengers assemble! then check your wallets…because superheroes are big business. Speaking of getting…

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The First 60 Days of the Texas Legislative Session

Friday March 13th isĀ 60th day of the 84th Texas Legislative session. That milestone marks a few important deadlines for lawmakers. It’s the final day to file a bill for the session. And, it means the House and Senate can start passing bills, which should pick up the pace of work in both chambers. On this…

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