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Tickets are running out for our Jan. 23 ATXplained Live show at the Hogg Auditorium. Details and tickets here.

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Who Started Austin’s 37th Street Christmas Light Tradition?

Austin’s 37th St. lights aren’t the only holiday light display in town, but it did draw this question about its origins.

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Who Is The One Chatty Guy Who Works At The Post Office In East Austin?

Christine Hannon wanted to meet this postal worker who seems to know everyone who come into his East Austin post office.

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Who Is This Woman Who Helps Older Austinites Stay Socially Connected?

The aging population is growing fast in Austin. So Becky Rhodes said we should meet a couple trying to keep seniors active in the community.

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Why Are There No Billboards On MoPac?

Billboards are all over I-35 — but not MoPac and a few other freeways in Austin. Why not?

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Why Does The Top Of Austin’s Tallest Building Look ‘Unfinished’?

Everyone’s an architecture critic. But why does the crown on “The Independent” look the way it does?

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Who Is That Guy With The ‘Giant Bird’ In South Austin?

In our latest, “Hi, Who Are You?” story, we hear the story of a man and his bird — and the family that wanted to meet them.

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Answering the Unanswerable With KUTX’s John Aielli — Episode 1

We get a lot of questions for ATXplained that don’t really have answers. So KUT’s Andrew Weber put some of those to longtime KUT/X host John Aielli.

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Who Is The Man In Southwest Austin Who Fostered Over 100 Babies With His Wife?

For the next episode in our Hi, Who Are You? series, KUT’s Nadia Hamdan introduces us to Burrell W. Lankford.

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What’s The Real Story Behind Dan’s Hamburgers And Fran’s Hamburgers?

Their signs looked oddly similar. The names were pretty darn close, too. Is the origin of Dan’s and Fran’s an urban legend?

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Who Is The Crossing Guard Who Waves To Everyone Near Mendez Middle School?

Are there people in your life that you see all the time, but have never stopped to meet?

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What Ever Happened To Austin’s ‘Spamarama’?

The spiced ham product was the centerpiece of this longtime festival. For a time, the event was insanely popular  — so what why did it go away?

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So, About The Origin Of ‘The Live Music Capital Of The World’… We Were Wrong. Here’s The Real Story.

OK, now we have the definitive story of Austin’s official nickname (we think).

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The Last Man On Rainey Street

The families who once lived on Rainey Street all left. One man is still there.

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Who Were The Streets In This North Austin Neighborhood Named After?

Who were Miranda, Esther, Lisa and Rufus?

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Why Is Austin’s Foliage So Amazing This Fall?

Mose Buchele takes a walk with our question-asker to learn the science behind this fall’s colorful trees.

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TELL US: When Can You Call Yourself A “Real” Austinite?

What are the experiences that bind Austinites together? Send us your answer at or call/text to 737-443-9466 or email us at [email protected]

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Why Are There So Few Homes With Basements Around Austin?

Basements are common in other parts of the country. So why not here? Is it the rock? The flooding? Nope.

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What Ever Happened To Austin’s Long-Running Aqua Fest?

For decades, Aqua Fest was an annual celebration in Austin. Then, it stopped. One ATXplained listener wanted to know why.

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We’re Doing A Live Show! Come Be A Part Of It!

Join us on Friday, September 21 at 7 p.m. at the Texas Union Theater on the UT campus. Details and tickets (they’re free) are right here.

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