Jackie Venson and Austin City Limits

Follow Austin musician Jackie Venson as she makes her debut on the iconic Austin City Limit’s TV show. You’ll hear how Jackie has been pivoting during the pandemic, and find out how Austin City Limits has been adapting to taping shows without a live audience. Listen to this episode of Pause/Play Listen on The Apple Podcasts…

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How Do Musicians Make The Cut For The Austin City Limits TV Series?

Go behind the scenes at KLRU’s Austin City Limits TV show to find out how they pick their artists — how little they get paid. MORE HERE.

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What Ever Happened To Austin’s Long-Running Aqua Fest?

For decades, Aqua Fest was an annual celebration in Austin. Then, it stopped. One ATXplained listener wanted to know why.

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Music Festivals

Today, thousands of fans from all over will pile into Austin’s Zilker Park for the first weekend of the Austin City Limits Music Festival. And while the locals love to hate the event, deep down, we’re proud to host one of the best events for music lovers. We’ll still complain about traffic, though.

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