Texas Standard: October 25, 2017

An Arizona republican senator opens up on Donald Trump: I will not be complicit. Does it change the political calculus in the reddest of red states? Arizona does have something of a history of republican mavericks, but with Senator Jeff Flake drawing a line in the sand over decency, could it resonate with Republican politicians…

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Waiting-For-Autumn Blues

While many Texans firmly believe seasons do not exist in our great state, we all look forward to the few weeks of cool weather in the fall. It’s the perfect time for cardigans, sweaters, and a cup of hot chocolate. The hard part is waiting for the blissful respite from the heat.

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It’s Spring!

Spring has sprung in Texas. The weather is mild, the wildflowers are blooming…. and the scorching hot weather of the summer is just around the corner. Jodi Egerton with Typewriter Rodeo clicked out this spring poem on her vintage typewriter.

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It’s Spring Break in Texas

Students across the Lone Star State are thrilled. They are on – or are about to be on – Spring Break. But, as Kari Anne Roy with the Typewriter Rodeo writes, parents across the Lone Star State may not exactly be celebrating.

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