Three Texas Myths That Won’t Die

In my travels around the state I run into people now and then who have deeply held convictions about Texas that are simply untrue. They hold to myths that have been nurtured by well-intentioned souls since San Jacinto days, and it breaks my heart to tell them they are mistaken, but not for long. I…

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Why Are Grocery Stores So Hot for Hatch Chile Peppers? 🌶

Austin’s love affair with Hatch chile peppers comes and goes every August. Did you ever wonder why grocery stores get so excited about Hatch?

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Texas Standard: October 22, 2015

Warnings across Texas as weather gets nasty: the questions not if, but when and where the water will rise. We’ll explore. Two family detention centers ask Texas regulators for certification. Why are child welfare advocates objecting? A new space race in Texas and who’s getting left on the launch pad. Plus how many flags have…

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