V&B – The Austin Craft Beer Boom

In this episode of Views & Brews, Tom Philpott, food writer for Mother Jones Magazine and co-host of KUT’s podcast The Secret Ingredient, guest hosts as he talks with: Brannon Radicke, Brian Peters, Brad Farbstein, and John Stecker about the explosion of craft beer in Austin. How has it developed? How do they make it taste so…

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Texas Standard: December 17, 2015

Congress could be poised to lift a ban on oil exports that’s existed for four decades. We’ll explore why on today’s Texas Standard. Coming up: the fruit that’s actually a berry, that’s native to Texas. And, how about some Texas craft beer to help those bitter berries go down? We’ll sample what some say might…

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Texas Standard: June 23, 2015

The Texas connection to the South Carolina shooting…hiding in plain sight in mainstream American politics. The story of the CCC, today on the Texas Standard. As the nation waits for a signal on same sex marriage from the supremes, evangelicals call for civil disobedience. We’ll hear firsthand what that might mean. Also, no love lost…

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