Texas Standard: September 5, 2018

A Texas federal courtroom is once again the stage for a legal challenge that could have enormous, nationwide impact. We’ll explain. Also this week marks a full year since Amazon started the search for a second headquarters. Dallas and Austin are on the shortlist, but what’s next? We’ll check in. And a woman held in…

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4 Gifts For Texas

By W. F. Strong As it is Christmas time I got to thinking about the great gifts, money and property,  given to the State of Texas over the years. I’m going to tell you about three such gifts that led to a priceless fourth.   In 1926, a bachelor banker died in Paris, Texas… a…

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McDonald Observatory

Keep going… keep going… almost there. This week’s Typewriter Rodeo poem illustrates the long trek to the McDonald Observatory in West Texas and the glorious sky that awaits visitors there.

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