Texas Standard: January 14, 2020

Texas offers one of the biggest delegate prizes in all the U.S. Are the democrats in this years presidential contest taking Texas seriously? We’ll take a closer look at how far the candidates are going to win over Texas voters, and what’s at stake. Also, as candidates focus their energies on places like Iowa, should…

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Texas Standard: April 18, 2016

The NY primary’s tomorrow, but the big winner already: Ted Cruz. Donald Trump says the system is rigged, and he may be right. We’ll explore. Plus in a small town near San Antonio scenes like those from the film scarface…what is the Texas Mexican Mafia? And why the crackdown now? Also from science fiction to…

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Texas Standard: April 15, 2016

Amid reports of child deaths and top level departures, a shakeup at Child Protective Services. But is CPS beyond repair? Also New York’s upcoming primary may be getting all the headlines, but closer to home, there’s a bitter behind the scenes battle for delegates in Texas…we’ll hear what’s happening. And how ya gonna keep em…

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The Ticket: Explaining the Insanity of the Delegate System

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