Blues And The Abstract Truth (2.22.15)

Blues and the Abstract Truth the triumph of band leader, arranger, and saxophonist Oliver Nelson. It helped to define the sound of an era with the classic “Stolen Moments”, but also assembled an all-star cast of musicians including: Eric Dolphy; Bill Evans; Paul Chambers; and Roy Haynes. In this edition of Liner Notes Rabbi and…

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Eric Dolphy (6.29.14)

Eric Dolphy was an American born jazz saxophonist, composer and bass clarinetist who worked with many jazz greats including Charles Mingus to shape a new direction forward for jazz in the 1960s. In this edition of Liner Notes Rabbi and jazz historian Neil Blumofe talks about what Dolphy’s approach to his music and his life…

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Jaki Byard (6.15.14)

Jaki Byard was an American jazz multi-instrumentalist and composer who collaborated with many artists, significantly Charles Mingus. He incorporated a range of styles in his approach, from ragtime to bebop, and swing to stride. He spanned years of musical tradition, bringing history into one moment–an eternal now. In this edition of Liner Notes Rabbi Neil…

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