Texas Standard: January 31, 2017

One of the most important announcements yet, with potential implications for generations. We’ll explore the short list for the Supreme Court. Plus a fire destroys a mosque in Victoria and another burns down an Islamic center in central Texas. Unconnected events? We’ll hear what officials are saying, and not saying. And Texas two step? Texas…

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Texas Standard: May 6, 2016

A fire in Houston takes on statewide significance, raising questions over chemicals stored close to schools. We’ll explore. Also a pipeline that cuts thru one of the most pristine areas of Texas gets the green light…we’ll discuss the implications. A Texas vote tomorrow on services like Uber and Lyft. At stake, not just the rules…

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Texas Standard: September 7, 2015

In Texas, football’s more than a game…but as more student athletes suffer serious injures, more parents say they’ll take a pass. Plus, on this date four years ago…a sight many Texans thought they’d never live to tell. Also, The migrant crisis in Europe and what could be a spillover effect here in Texas. And just…

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