Texas Standard: January 23, 2017

Texas billionaire Ross Perot once warned of a giant sucking sound. Today: a stunning vindication? We’ll explore. Plus, what’s called school choice, set to explode as a front page issue this week. As lawmakers make it a top priority, how’s it supposed to work exactly? We’ll have a crash course. Also, what appears to be…

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Texas Standard: June 30, 2015

After losing the battle over same sex marriage, there’s a mounting call among conservatives for the end of the marriage license. We’ll explore. Also, imagine hearing the news that your life has changed…as you make your way through the airport. We’ll meet a couple at the center of the challenge to Texas’s ban on same…

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Texas Standard: June 29, 2015

With Texas running out of lethal injection doses, an important death penalty decision handed down from the nation’s highest court details today. Friday’s same sex marriage ruling, it’s not it’s not just about the nuptials. From inheritance rights to education we’ll explore some far reaching implications for Texans. Plus, gold plated guns and pet cheetahs–Mexican…

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Texas Standard: June 26, 2015

A huge moment in US history as the Supreme Court rules the constitution requires states to issue same sex marriage licenses. In a landmark 5-4 decision, same sex marriage becomes the law of the land- but what are the immediate implications in Texas? We’ll be talking with Texans immediately affected by the ruling…and with reporters…

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What Happened Before and After Texas’s 1st Legal Gay Marriage

You may have already heard about the marriage of Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant. But do you know what happened in the hour before that ceremony and the hours that followed? Let’s spend a few minutes explaining what happened, and maybe more importantly, what happens next.

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