Texas Standard: July 4, 2019

There’s a long list of Democratic Presidential candidates. Two from Texas, but only one Texan is now among the top 5 candidates. We’ll have the story. Also, in this, the land of the free, how one man found true freedom even as he is behind bars. Plus how can camp create positive memories for children…

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Higher Ed: Good Reading In And Out Of School

In school, our reading choices are mostly dictated by what is assigned for classes or from reading lists. But once we are out of school, the decisions are up to us.  In this episode of KUT’s podcast “Higher Ed,” Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger and KUT’s Jennifer Stayton discuss the joys and impacts of…

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What’s Up With The ‘Doors To Nowhere’ At Austin’s New Central Library?

There’s a new building in Austin that’s drawing a lot of attention. And there are a couple of doors — yes, doors — in that building that are getting some funny looks. Several people asked about them for our ATXplained project. KUT’s Audrey McGlinchy investigated.

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