Texas Standard: September 14, 2020

Primary care physicians on the front line of a health crisis now asking for a primary care “Marshall Plan” to survive long term. That story and more today on the Texas Standard. El Paso, long a democratic stronghold, but also with a history of low turnout among Latinos and young voters. A closer look at…

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Who Are Those People Who Ride Horses Around Downtown Austin?

Sometimes you can find people riding horses on the streets of Austin. We went for a ride with one of them. SUBSCRIBE: iTunes RSS

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Texas Standard: August 15, 2017

Did someone just blink? What a North Korean announcement may or may not tell us about how to deal with a dictator. Also, submarined in the fury over Charlottesville, two major protests in South Texas: the biggest yet against the border wall. But a reporter who was there says it wasn’t just about a wall,…

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