Back in My Day

It’s 2016 – we’ve got waterproof supercomputers in our pockets, an artifical intelligence assistant and buttons we can press to have toilet paper delivered. News gets to our screens faster than we can read it. We can watch an event across the world from the comfort of our couches in real-time. But it wasn’t always like…

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Texas Standard: July 27, 2016

Glass ceiling shattered, so whats next? Texas Democrats and Republicans point to a possible challenge to Ted Cruz from a prominent Latino, we’ll explore. Also what’ll it take to sell Texas’ Bernie Sanders supporters on Hillary Clinton? What about Bernie himself? The former candidate makes the case personally to the Texas Delegation today, we’ll hear…

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SXSW2016 Live

In this special SXSW edition of Two Guys on Your Head, KUT’s Rebecca McInroy joins Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke in a discussion about the myth of invention and the process of creativity.

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Innovation and Creativity

A talk about memory, innovation, creativity and productivity, live at SXSW 2016, with Dr. Art Markman, Dr. Bob Duke and Rebecca McInroy.

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Revolutionizing Education with Dr. Steve Perry (Ep. 33, 2015)

A discussion of successful, innovative education with Dr. Steve Perry, founder and principal of one of the top schools in America, Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut.

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