101 Essential Texas Books

By W. F. Strong If I have an addiction, it’s definitely books. I read about two books a week and order two more I’m unlikely to ever get to. But I like them on the shelf as backup the way survivalists hoard food supplies. Admittedly, I’m often short of shelves. When you have more books…

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What Austin Is Reading

Find out what Austin’s reading and why! Listen back as KUT’s Rebecca McInroy talk with Julie Wernersbach of The Texas Book Fest, writer Kirk Walsh founder of Austin Bat Cave, writer, and bestseller at Malvern Books Fernando Flores and Adeena Reitberger of American Short Fiction, to talk about Austin’s thriving literary scene and why it…

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Haunting & Ghosts in Literature, Theatre & Poetry

[Recorded on Election Night of the 2018 midterms] KUT’s Rebecca McInroy joins playwright Kirk Lynn and Poet Roger Reeves, to talk about the subversive histories ghosts allow us to remember and how they do so much more than give us a scare.

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Literature, Poetry, Activism, and Immigration

Listen back as KUT’s Rebecca McInroy talks with novelist Natalia Sylvester, poet Emmy Pérez, and activist Maria Oliveira, about the power of sharing stories, how poetry can unite, and the links between vintage clothing and resistance.

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Texas Standard: June 20, 2018

How much longer? If there’s growing bipartisan opposition to the policy of separating families at the border, why isn’t congress stepping in? Today on the Standard, Democratic Congressman Vicente Gonzalez of McCallen joins us to talk about gridlock in Washington and heartbreak on the border. Also, fears of an all out trade war with China…

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V&B – The Beat Generation

In this special edition of Views & Brews writer, comedian, and host of The KUT Podcast The Write Up, Owen Egerton leads a discussion about The Beats alongside Steve Wilson, Meg Griffitts, and Francois Pointeau. Who were The Beats? How did help construct a specific idea of America?  And What is the lasting impact of the beat generation today?

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Scott Blackwood

Author Scott Blackwood talks about his new novel “See How Small,” with host Owen Egerton.

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Amanda Eyre Ward

Amanda Eyre Ward on compassion, gratitude and “The Same Sky.” In this episode of The Write Up, Amanda talks with host Owen Egerton about the calling of telling stories of the voiceless and powerless, the importance of looking past politics and statistics to the faces of real people, and the ways in which exploring the…

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Artificial Intelligence

In this edition of In Perspective we teamed up with KUT’s Views and Brews for a discussion on various elements of and debates over Artificial Intelligence. What does it actually mean to think? How does understanding how computers work inform what we understand about the brain? And what is on the horizon for us in…

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Carrie Fountain

Always Remain a Beginner Interviews on the Write Up come out more as conversations than a scripted line of questioning. The authors who are featured bring their own spirit and personality into the discussion and the conversation spins to wonderfully surprising places. Our episode with award-winning poet Carrie Fountain is a perfect example. Talking with…

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Jason Neulander

On this installment of The Write Up host Owen Egerton interviews and the co-creator, writer and director of the Intergalactic Nemesis, Jason Neulander. Neulander’s story is one to inspire adventurers everywhere to take just one more climb up the mountain or trip out to sea. He bravely fought the forces of rationality to go on…

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V&B: Tenessee Williams

In this Views and Brews Remix on Becoming Tenessee Williams professor Charlotte Canning , joins director Norman Blumensaadt and actress Jennifer Underwood for a discussion of the life and work of Tenessee Williams. “When Thomas Lanier Williams found theater, he didn’t just become Tennessee Williams, he allowed us to imagine our lives differently, anew ,”…

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