Journalism and The Middle East

Join KUT’s Rebecca McInroy along with Lawrence Wright, staff writer for The New Yorker and author of “The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11,” and Jamal Khashoggi of The Washington Post, to talk about how identities, relationships, imaginations, and policies are shaped and understood through various media lenses, to illuminate what truths are…

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V&B – Understanding Lebanon

In this episode of Views & Brews, KUT’s Rebecca McInroy is joined by four visiting Fulbright professors from Lebanon as well as Dr. Richard Flores, Dean of the Liberal Arts College, in a discussion about the rich history of a place once known as the “Switzerland of the East”. What can we learn from their complex political…

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V&B – Understanding The Middle East Through Media

In this episode of Views & Brews, KUT’s Rebecca McInroy joins Egyptian-based photojournalist Tom Hartwell and Dr. Paula Newberg from the UT Dept. of Government, in a discussion about the process of covering conflict in the Middle East. How are images framed and selected for distribution? How do news stories highlight particular narratives, and at what cost? And…

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V&B – ISIS in Context

In this episode of Views & Brews, KUT’s Rebecca McInroy is joined in discussion with Jeremi Suri from the LBJ school of Public Affairs, Middle East Historian Yoav Di-Capua, and Stephennie Mulder, Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture, to talk about the rhetoric, the iconography, the mythology, and the history around the development of Isis. Who…

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Texas Standard: March 4, 2016

In a messy political season a war of words dominates the front pages–as a war in real life simmers half a world away. The cost for Texas, today on the Texas Standard. It’s being called a watershed moment in the American conservative movement—as a top gathering of conservatives embraces a gay rights group. Crosses on…

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V&B Extra: Lara Logan – Foreign Correspondence in The Middle East

In this special edition of Views & Brews, CBS & 60 Minutes reporter Lara Logan is joined by Director of the UT Center for Middle Eastern Studies Dr. Karin Wilkins, Assistant Director Chris Rose, and journalist Tracy Dahlby to discuss the current state of foreign correspondence in the Middle East, the Islamic State, modern reporting and its implications.

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Israel and Palestine

In the first half of this edition of In Perspective host Rebecca McInroy of KUT Radio talks with: Dr. Amelia Weinreb, lecturer at the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Texas; Dr. Yoav Di-Capua, History Professor at UT and author of Arab Existentialism: A lost chapter in the intellectual history of decolonization;…

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Green Room: Pakistan, “The Warrior State”

Dallas and Houston are home to some of the biggest Pakistani-American communities in the U.S. They are doctors, I.T. professionals, entrepreneurs–people taking advantage of opportunities denied them in Pakistan. After more than a half-century of independence, what keeps Pakistan from moving forward? Award-winning scholar T.V. Paul offers a new explanation in his illuminating new book…

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