Mushrooms (Ep. 33)

“We just assume our everyday normal consciousness is the one and the most accurate…there are unseen worlds, there are unseen forces, and you can look them in a religious sense, but you don’t have to.” –Michael Pollan On the latest Secret Ingredient Podcast Raj Patel and Tom Philpott talk with Michael Pollan about his new…

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Texas Standard: February 14, 2017

Stormy weather across much of Texas today. Maybe a good time to tap the state’s rainy day fund? Lawmakers are talking about it, and so are we. Plus, what’s in a label? Or on it, to be more precise. We’ll tell you why some of the state’s wineries are pushing a bill to be pickier…

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Green Room: The Truman Show Delusion

Can insanity be shaped by pop culture? The discoverer of “The Truman Show Delusion”, Dr. Joel Gold, raises interesting new concerns about the interplay between media and the mind in his new book “Suspicious Minds”.

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