The Musicians

In this episode you’ll hear the pandemic stories of two Austin Musicians — Mobley and Teddythelegacy. You’ll find out how their ability to access financial help has impacted their lives, what creative projects they’ve been working on and hear their perspectives on the uprisings for racial justice. Listen to this Episode of Pause/Play   Listen on The…

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The Pause

What happened to Austin’s live music scene after the shutdown of SXSW? On March 6th, 2020 the Austin City government canceled SXSW.  That decision had an economic ripple effect throughout the city. It also marked the true beginning of the COVID-19 crisis for Austin. In this episode, hosts Miles Bloxson and Elizabeth McQueen explore why…

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Pause/Play Video Trailer

What does a city do when it calls itself the Live Music Capital of the World, but there’s no live music? Video trailer by Julia Reihs.  

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Not Today Kanye

This week on The Breaks Confucius and Fresh talk about Kanye’s quest to regain control of his masters, and explain why they’re skeptical about his appeals to other artists for support. Both hosts talk about how surprised they were to hear that Outkast had considered making a mixtape for DJ Drama’s mixtape series Gangsta Grillz…

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