Texas Standard: November 27, 2019

Flu season is back in full swing… and some experts are concerned about one especially vulnerable population. Why they’re not getting shots- today on the Texas Standard. The man behind a 3D gun blueprint company is taking the reigns again after a brush with the law. We’ll explore the legal grey area. Landowners in the…

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Texas Standard: November 26, 2019

Mergers. Layoffs. Cuts to coverage. We’ll take a hard look at challenges to the newspaper industry and how it’s affecting Texas- today on the Texas Standard. Hemp to eat, hemp to wear, hemp as medicine. The agricultural product seems to offer unlimited possibilities. But the hype may be moving faster than the infrastructure. Plus, a…

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Texas Standard: September 27, 2019

A changing of the guard in Texas? Talk amongst yourselves… As we come to you live from the site of the Texas Tribune Festival. It’s a special edition of the Texas Standard. Broadcasting live from the main artery of Texas politics – Congress Avenue in Austin. Where for the next couple of days, politicians, politics…

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Texas Standard: September 18, 2019

The news media has called it a tipping point in the national conversation over gun violence. But, it means so much more here in West Texas. Live from Midland, this is the Texas Standard. After mass shootings in El Paso and here in the Permian Basin, politicians on the left and the right are talking…

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Texas Standard: September 17, 2019

OK. I’ll tell you what we’ll do – we’ll spring board from Texas into the rest of the world on this Tuesday edition of the Texas Standard. I’m Joy Diaz in for David Brown Why Dallas revamped its Holocaust museum for the modern world Still in Dallas, the murder trial that’s sure to attract the…

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Texas Standard: August 12, 2019

There’s another legal challenge to the state’s voting procedures. And it looks like this one could have some success in court. We’ll break it down, on today’s Texas Standard. The national makeup of asylum seekers at the Southern U.S. border has been changing. We’ll explore why. And we’ll take you to El Paso- where a…

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Texas Standard: August 9, 2019

Understanding El Paso… Nearly a week after the shooting tragedy, a sense of outrage and grief persists. Could this be a tipping point? A discussion today on the Texas Standard. Though many fear Americans have grown numb to mass shootings like the one in El Paso last weekend, some journalists covering the tragedy feel this…

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Texas Standard: August 8, 2019

Is it doxxing, fake outrage, or something else? Why the publication of Trump donor names has Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro facing controversy. Details on the Texas Standard. As President Trump visits El Paso, so do top Texas officials. More on what happens next after a meeting between Governor Abbott and state lawmakers from El Paso….

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Texas Standard: July 1, 2019

Texas lawmakers passed a bill making it harder for their emails to go public. Why that could impact what we know about why district lines are drawn today on the Texas Standard. The Supreme Court made a decision about the citizenship question on the US census. But there’s still an outstanding legal challenge. We’ll explain….

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Texas Standard: June 28, 2019

Round two of the first Democratic Presidential debates is in the books. So what did we learn and how do the Texans stack up? Today on the Texas Standard. So you want a raise, or you want a new job? How can you actually do that. We’ll talk with a psychologist who says it’s as…

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Texas Standard: June 27, 2019

The Supreme Court issues rulings on gerrymandering and a citizenship question on the census. Details plus the impact for the Lone Star State, today on the Texas Standard. In addition to breaking news from the nation’s highest court, analysis of the first of two democratic presidential debates this week. The two Texans in last night’s…

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Texas Standard: June 26, 2019

Another fight over state versus local control. This time the battle line is drawn over homelessness, sleeping in public spaces and soliciting. The city of Austin loosens laws some say criminalize homelessness, the Governor promises to override. A closer look coming up. Also, as enforcement operations at the border tighten, more migrants turn to more…

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Texas Standard: June 14, 2019

The prelude to war with Iran? Concerns about attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf region, and what this could add up to on the home front. A long scary slide for a famous Texas-based waterpark company- now a rescue of sorts may be in the works for Schlitterbahn. We’ll hear details. Where the…

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Texas Standard: June 13, 2019

Environmental concerns in Midland and in Brownsville. How are they different and how are they the same? The story today on the Texas Standard. We explore the California to Texas migration. Why are so many looking for opportunity in the Lone Star State? Another group in search of opportunity – this one detained under a…

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Texas Standard: June 12, 2019

Ruffled feathers: the so called Chick-fil-A bill signed into law, which some say guarantees religious liberty, others say licenses discrimination. The implications today on the Texas Standard. Eat it or pitch it? The FDA in a new push to get food companies to standardize expiration dates. Also, you’ve heard about boom times in the Permian…

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Texas Standard: June 11, 2019

With Twitter flourishes and media fanfare the Governor signs new legislation declaring Texas Republicans the party of results. Why that could be fear talking. Today on the Texas Standard. With Texas Democrats promising a record setting turnout in the 2020 election cycle, Governor Abbott’s pulling out the stops to pitch GOP unity over ideological purity….

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Texas Standard: June 10, 2019

Mayors selected by voters into two of Texas’ largest cities. Who they are, and what the outcomes say about the state of the Lone Star State. More on this weekends mayoral runoffs in San Antonio and Dallas. A Fort Worth family fighting a federal law that sets adoption priorities for Native American children. The family…

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Texas Standard: May 30, 2019

The latest front in the culture wars? A game of political chicken, sandwiches? We’ll look at the backstory behind the conservative cry to save Chick-fil-a. AT&T is one of the biggest and best known brands in the world, but it ain’t your parents Ma Bell anymore. How the Dallas based phone company is morphing into…

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Texas Standard: May 21, 2019

First it was a Republican Congressman from Michigan. Are there other Republicans on Capitol Hill ready to turn on the President? We’ll explore today on the Texas Standard. The White House claims Congress is vastly overstating its oversight power. A closer look at the political implications. Also, some claim recent court decisions have undermined Texas’s…

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Texas Standard: April 22, 2019

T-minus 35 days and counting as the Texas Legislature approaches the end of the regular session. Will we be going into overtime? A closer look today on the Standard. From property tax and school finance reform to child welfare and the environment -a whole lot of unfinished business and just five weeks to get it…

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