Poem In My Pocket

This Typewriter Rodeo poem was made based on a listener request. Share your ideas on social media or email [email protected]

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Texas Standard: November 28, 2019

The Texas Legislature has recently taken up charges focused on mental health. Can those priorities maintain momentum into the next session? We’ll explore. Plus, mental health has been used in the same sentence a lot lately as mass violence. We’ll break down that connection. And as loved ones gather this holiday, one discussion point might…

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Sarah Ruhl On Poet Max Ritvo

Playwright Sarah Ruhl reads Max Ritvo‘s poem “Refuge for Sarah” from her book, Letters From Max: A Book of Friendship, and talks with Carrie Fountain about their relationship, his poetry, and  the value of empathy and friendship today.

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José Olivarez

Poet José Olivarez reads his poem, “Getting Ready to Say I Love You to My Dad, It Rains,” from his new book Citizen Illegal, and talks with poet and novelist Carrie Fountain about family, immigration, and the stories he wants to share through his poetry.

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Sun Ra (5.22.16)

In this edition of Liner Notes, Rabbi and jazz historian Neil Blumofe talks about the life and legacy of Sun Ra.

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Think There’s No Poetry In Texas? Think Again

A New Yorker told me that he never uses the words Texas and poetry in the same sentence. He thinks Texas poetry is an oxymoron because he doesn’t see how such a refined art form could be produced in a macho culture. But he is wrong. Cowboys and vaqueros were reciting poetry in the warm…

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