Texas Standard: April 9, 2018

A congressman leaves Washington well ahead of schedule. What are the options for a short term replacement to represent his Harvey hit part of Texas? The story on the Standard. After a scandal involving a teacher convicted of domestic abuse, the University of Texas orders employees to report all future arrests –and the dispositions of…

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Texas Standard: March 2, 2018

With primary day fast approaching, reporters reading the Texas political tea leaves are seeing more blue. Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post joins us today on the Standard. Southeast Texans remember trying to get around during hurricane Harvey. Doesn’t have to be a storm that big, sometimes heavy downpours make Texas roads impassable, but you…

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Texas Standard: March 1, 2018

Texas based Academy Sports sticks to its guns, but fans of the AR 15 face a new backlash, including perhaps from the White House. The story today on the Texas Standard. Lloyd Doggett & Beto O’Rourke among the Texans in Congress writing a letter to the Speaker of the House. The message: time to rethink…

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Texas Standard: February 26, 2018

The headlines are disturbing. In the wake of a Florida school shooting there have been threats in Texarkana, Houston and more. Unpacking the apparent uptick on today’s Texas Standard. Linemen from the Texas Panhandle deal with conditions they never encountered in the high plains in efforts to restore power in Puerto Rico. We’ll hear from…

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Texas Standard: February 23, 2018

A death sentence commuted to life in prison. We’ll talk with the Texas dad who fought to keep the state from executing his son. Today on the Texas Standard. The firearm industry is in the news these days for possible restrictions on what can be sold. We’ll take a closer look at the business itself….

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Texas Standard: January 17, 2018

The big freeze—it’s not just a buzzphrase for Texans right now as congress is stuck over DACA and the threat of a government shutdown. The search for a thaw today on the Standard The Trump Department of Justice asks the Supreme Court to intervene over a California judge’s order to keep DACA going. We’ll hear…

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Texas Standard: December 25, 2017

In 2017, the oil industry didn’t bounce back to those record highs of three years ago, but oil country? That’s another story, we’ll explain. We hope you and yours are have a very merry Christmas day, and we are celebrating the holidays here at the Standard in a manner befitting those of us who love…

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Texas Standard: December 20, 2017

What’s most important to Texas? Harvey relief? A deal for DACA? What about just keeping the government going through the holidays? Deadlines and decisions on the Standard. In a moment we’ll talk with editors in three Texas cities to hear what Texans are telling them about what D.C. needs to get done by this weekend….

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Texas Standard: December 19, 2017

Internal dysfunction at the Texas agency that manages state buildings. How it’s affecting what tax dollars pay for? On today’s Texas Standard. You’ve heard it before, but could 2018 be the year for Texas Democrats? We’ll hear one argument. Austin wants a soccer team. But the city is still kicking around ideas about where to…

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Texas Standard: December 18, 2017

The GOP says it has enough votes in the Senate to pass its tax bill. The reason? What might be called a last minute Santa clause…The story today on the Texas Standard. When Katrina made landfall in 2005–more than a thousand guns disappeared in the chaos, reappearing in crimes years later. But after Harvey, the…

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Texas Standard: November 21, 2017

The Governor offers $20,000 for information about an attack on border agents. But questions remain–was it really an attack? The story today on the Texas Standard. What we know, and don’t know about the death of a US border agent near Van Horn. Also, a John Doe, kicked out of the University of Texas for…

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Texas Standard: November 6, 2017

It’s being called the deadliest mass shooting in modern Texas history — why? And why in the tiny town of Sutherland Springs? This is a special edition of the Texas Standard. Today coming to you from a remote community in Wilson County roughly 30 miles east of San Antonio. In yesterday’s mass shooting nearly one…

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Texas Standard: September 22, 2017

After Trump, after a special session, after Harvey—where does Texas go from here? From the biggest annual political event in the Lone Star State, this is the Texas Standard. With the federal government in the hands of republicans, what kind of mark is Texas making on American politics right now? This is the place to…

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Texas Standard: September 4, 2017

Over 95 percent of Houston is now dry, says the mayor- as the city issues new mandatory evacuation orders. The latest today on the Texas Standard. Last night the 4th largest city in the nation started cutting power to some residents trying to get them to leave their homes. We’ll hear what officials are concerned…

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Texas Standard: September 1, 2017

As cleanup crews converge on Houston, just a bit to the east its still very much rescue mode. From the heart of the Golden Triangle, this is the Texas Standard. 82,000 homes damaged across Texas. Harvey’s gone but it left Beaumont and Orange virtual islands…and emergencies in both cities as a military task force turns…

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Texas Standard: August 31, 2017

As waters recede, the death toll rises in the aftermath of Harvey- and fears grow of more grim discoveries. Today, from the gulf coast, this is the Texas Standard. Coming up, the latest on rescue and recovery efforts in the states largest metropolitan area, plus, explosions reported at a flooded-out chemical plant northeast of Houston….

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Texas Standard: August 30, 2017

Roadsigns down, trees uprooted, power and food in short supply- but on the horizon, unmistakable signs of hope. The road to recovery, today on the Texas Standard As Tropical Storm Harvey moves northeast dumping torrential rain on the golden triangle and the Texas / Louisiana border, recovery eforts kick into gear further south. Today we’re…

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Texas Standard: July 21, 2017

If its true you get what you pay for, what exactly are we paying those who make our laws? We’re answering your questions today on the Texas Standard. The price of local policing is about to go up-way up- as the Department of Public Safety comes out with a price menu for its lab services….

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Texas Standard: July 20, 2017

An historic selection to head the police force of one Texas’ biggest cities. The changing face of law enforcement- today on the Texas Standard You’re getting a raise! Now that’s something you’d expect Texas teachers to get behind, right? So why are so many holding their noses over the governor’s plan? South of the border…

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Texas Standard: July 19, 2017

Heard in the Texas Capitol—what if…you know…maybe …some lawmakers wanted to leave town? Here we go… One day in and what could go wrong? Early special session action sparks memories of a lawmaker exodus to Oklahoma…and other unusual outcomes. We’ll breakout the pink dome wayback machine. You know that student loan? Can the bank prove…

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