Texas Standard: June 30, 2015

After losing the battle over same sex marriage, there’s a mounting call among conservatives for the end of the marriage license. We’ll explore. Also, imagine hearing the news that your life has changed…as you make your way through the airport. We’ll meet a couple at the center of the challenge to Texas’s ban on same…

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Texas Standard: June 12, 2015

Within days, the Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision on same sex marriage—here at home are officials ready —or not? PTSD, not just for veterans- the officer at the center of the McKinney pool party tape says he too was suffering from the trauma of doing his job. Iconoclastic musician, typical Texan? Notes…

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What Happened Before and After Texas’s 1st Legal Gay Marriage

You may have already heard about the marriage of Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant. But do you know what happened in the hour before that ceremony and the hours that followed? Let’s spend a few minutes explaining what happened, and maybe more importantly, what happens next.

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