Texas Standard: March 18, 2020

More than just a health crisis. City mayors and county judges across Texas contemplate how to ease the pain of a severe economic downturn. Coming up, the mayor of Austin and the judge of Dallas county join us with the latest on what they’re learning about the spread of the Coronavirus and steps to counter…

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What Happened To The Last Man On Rainey Street?

A year ago, we answered a question from an ATXplained listener: Where did all the families that used to live on Rainey Street go? One man was still there. But now, even that has changed. Audrey McGlinchy has this follow-up.

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Who Is This Woman Who Helps Older Austinites Stay Socially Connected?

The aging population is growing fast in Austin. So Becky Rhodes said we should meet a couple trying to keep seniors active in the community.

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Higher Ed: Advice from Graduating Seniors to Their Younger Selves

It is college commencement season, and graduating seniors will be hearing all kinds of sage advice from commencement speakers. But what advice would those graduating seniors give? What would they tell their younger selves as students if they could? In this episode of KUT’s podcast Higher Ed, KUT’s Jennifer Stayton and Southwestern University President Dr….

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