Science and Society

Our environment affects our thinking in ways beyond our conscious awareness; even if we happen to be scientists. In this edition of Two Guys on Your Head, Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke talk about science and society.

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Education with Dr. John B. Diamond (Ep. 48, 2015)

Dr. John B. Diamond, co-author of “Despite the Best Intentions: How Racial Inequality Thrives in Good Schools,” shares his thoughts on race, class and education in society, now and in our country’s past.

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Television history with Dr. Gayle Wald, Pt. 1 (Ep. 45, 2015)

Dr. Gayle Wald, professor of English and American studies at George Washington University and author of “It’s Been Beautiful: Soul! And Black Power Television,” discusses television in the ‘60s, history, her life and work.

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Why Attractive People Get More Opportunities

When it comes to what humans find attractive, many factors play a role. Evolutionarily speaking, we tend to be attracted to symmetry and markers that indicate health and wellness. In social terms it has more to do with what’s in fashion at a given moment. But it’s when we begin to react to attractiveness that…

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V&B: The Psychology of Fear

What is fear and what is going on in our brains when we experience fear? Join us as KUT’s Rebecca McInroy hosts Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke to discuss fear and the brain.

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