Texas Standard: May 28, 2020

The Texas Supreme Court rules fear of contracting Coronavirus is not a disability under election law. We’ll have more on the decision in the vote-by mail controversy and why it may not prove to be the final word on the subject. Also as institutions of higher ed struggle over how to move forward, we talk…

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The Impeachment and Conviction of Texas Governor Jim Ferguson

It’s hard not to like the down-home folksy style that made Texas Governor Jim Ferguson so enormously popular 100 years ago. After all, he was known as “Farmer Jim.” He often said, “Civilization begins and ends with the plow.” Ferguson was a mesmerizing speaker and storyteller and was splendidly fluent in the dialects of rural…

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What Happened Before and After Texas’s 1st Legal Gay Marriage

You may have already heard about the marriage of Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant. But do you know what happened in the hour before that ceremony and the hours that followed? Let’s spend a few minutes explaining what happened, and maybe more importantly, what happens next.

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