Texas Standard: June 15, 2016

Only hours after the biggest terrorist attack on us soil since 9/11, do politics trump what should be top priorities? We’ll take a look. Plus, attention deadbeat dads and moms…the division of child support plans to get you off the road. We’ll hear how. Also, most kids love being out of school for the summer…except…

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Texas Standard: January 27, 2016

He’s a physicist, a nobel laureate, a professor, and now a central figure in the debate over guns in college classrooms. Also with dangerous chemical on tap in Flint, Michigan, what’s in the water in Texas? In many cases no one’s quite sure. What’s behind mounting delays in Texas water testing? We’ll explore. Also millennials…

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Texas Standard: January 13, 2016

President Obama takes a victory lap in his last State of the Union, and Republicans still aren’t impressed. Why are environmentalists in Texas asking for federal intervention and what the state has to say about it. Does a big power ball jackpot equal a big payout for Texas public schools? You might be surprised by…

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