Jazz & The Art of Movement

Where do we consider being at home? When do we feel that we belong in a place and how quickly can we become dispossessed? In its essence, jazz traces various migrations – some arbitrary, some forced, and some chosen – and beyond appropriation and broad-stroke caricature, reveal difficult truths of identity, well-being, and honest relationship.

Through the artistry of Miles, Monk, and Mingus, both critique and imagination of the American melting pot will be explored – lessons crucial to our current navigation of the difficulties of migration, refugees, and asylum-seeking in our land. What is native land – and beyond the symbols demanding our loyalty, what consistently makes America, great?

Listen back to Views and Brew: Jazz and The Art of Movement recorded live at the historic Cactus Cafe in Austin, Texas, with Rabbi and Jazz Historian Neil Blumofe in conversation with Rebecca McInroy. Featuring: Michael Malone, saxophone; Andre Hayward, trombone; Red Young, piano; Scott Laningham, drums.

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Jack Anderson